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The jungle returns


The jungle is getting a bit out of hand again. The weather has been perfect for growing, with warm, sunny weather and lots of rain. The brambles have loved it and have started to take back the ground that I’d cleared.


I need to get out there and start digging. I will not give in to them.

My mini garden has been doing quite well too, so not all bad. I’ve got several planters now and they’re all looking good.


I’m waiting for the next batch of radishes to be ready as we’ve eaten the first sowing. The cut and come again salad leaves have been keeping us nicely provided for and the spring onions and carrots should be ready soon.

The tomatoes are looking very good. I had to repot the ones that were in the hanging baskets. I did think I might as there was very little room in there for the roots of three plants and the compost was right to the top of the basket, making it very difficult to water them. I’ve given them some nice tall-ish pots with plenty of compost to grow into and they’re thriving now.

This is today’s harvest.


They taste so much nicer than anything in the shops. I’m looking forward to growing a lot more next year, if we ever defeat those flipping brambles.


Author: Carole

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7 thoughts on “The jungle returns

  1. keeping a garden in shape is certainly a full-time job ^^


  2. Yum. Your salady-type-things are doing far better than mine, this year. Only my tomatoes and potatoes are doing really well. I agree about home-grown tasting better. (And I recommend potatoes. Very easy, and seriously delicious.)


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