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Swiss roll and cookies


I’m loving the Great British Bake Off this year. I’ve only watched the odd bit of it before now but I’m planning on watching the whole series this time, now that I’ve got more interested in cooking. One of my friends made a rather lush looking swiss roll after episode one and I thought it’d be fun to do a sort of bake-along too.

I’ve never made a swiss roll before though, so tackling one, and converting the recipe to gluten-free flour, may have been a bit over-ambitious. The recipe came from Crazy for Crust and if you want to see what it should have looked like, click here.


Mine was one ugly Swiss roll, but it did taste a lot better than it looked. It’s a carrot cake roll with cream cheese and apricot frosting. It was a bit too moist, probably because I didn’t compensate enough for the flour, but otherwise I think it would have rolled a lot better. My frosting was a bit runny too. I left out the butter and used a lactose-free cream cheese. It tasted amazing.

I had to make a mini roll as my oven is tiny so I had a bit of batter left over which went to make cupcakes.


They did not last long.

Week two on the GBBO was biscuit week so I found a recipe that was already gluten-free and dairy-free and made snicker doodle cookies. The recipe was very easy to follow. It came from The Urban Poser.


I only made a small amount and they got eaten quite quickly. They came out very nicely. The uneven colouring is the cinnamon that they were rolled in. They’re not burnt.

A couple of days later, I fancied making some more biscuits so found another recipe online. The recipe came from Thank Your Body and was for Avocado Chocolate cookies. I’ve never considered putting avocado into a biscuit before, not that I’ve made many biscuits. I was very curious about how they would turn out.

Oh boy, what a mess I made in my kitchen. I had chocolate smudges everywhere. The chocolate had to be melted into coconut oil, mixed with the other ingredients and then piped onto the baking paper.

I can’t remember the last time that I used a piping bag. I got half the batter on myself while trying to get it into the bag. If there’s a knack to that, I haven’t got it.

The cookies came out great, despite that. If I make them again though, I won’t pipe them. Not just because of the mess factor, but because in hindsight, piped chocolate cookies don’t look quite right.


I won’t tell you what my husband called them.


It hasn’t stopped him scoffing them, mind you. They have a lovely cake-like texture inside and the chocolate flavour is perfect. I used Green & Black’s dark cooking chocolate as well as their cocoa powder.

Tonight’s program is bread week. I’m still debating whether to try my hand at that. How hard can it be? 😛


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4 thoughts on “Swiss roll and cookies

  1. I think I can guess what your hubby may have called them!. I hope we get GBBO here in NZ, as I enjoyed watching it as well.


  2. A veggie and a fruit in the rolls??! – it’s like health food! The piped cookies gave me quite a chuckle too! 🙂


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