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Pinwheel Cushion


I’ve had this on my desk since March. I made a decent start on it by cutting out gazillions of squares and making my HSTs. After that, I didn’t seem to get any time to play with it so it’s been sitting there looking reproachfully at me.

Yesterday though, I decided that it had to be finished so that I could start a new project that I’ve been  planning. You notice how I found time to plan new things to make, but not time to finish the ones that I’d already started.

I managed to get the front and back pieces finished yesterday and today I’ve quilted the front and assembled it all. I did consider trying some fancy quilting but went for stitch in the ditch in the end. Keep it simple and I’ve less chance of making a complete dog’s dinner of it, eh?


Pinwheels! This may have been a bit ambitious but I thought the practise at doing the HSTs would be useful. They’re mostly wonky but I was improving as I went along so there is that.

The pattern I was following gave instructions for the front and then said to  do the back how you wanted. I chose to do an envelope style instead of using a zip, ’cause it’s easier. Also, I wanted to try to  make the back a bit less plain so worked out how to do a bit of a border to the top piece. I’m quite happy with how that turned out.


I’m thinking that maybe I should have ironed it before taking the photos, but you know how it is. You get so excited to have finished something that you just can’t wait to get the camera out. Please say that isn’t just me.

This is the cushion once the pad was inserted.


And in situ with the one that I made using the same fabrics.


Not the sharpest photo, but as I’ve said before, there is no natural light in my living room. If I ever move house again, I shall be buying somewhere that’s better for taking photos of my creations 😛

I’m going to tackle a quilt next. I have all the materials needed to make a fairly large lap quilt. The pattern is very simple so hopefully won’t take long. I may make a smaller one first though, just for a trial run. I have the fabric for a smaller one, but need to find a design for it.


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2 thoughts on “Pinwheel Cushion

  1. Wow, that is so pretty! Great job.


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