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I’m not friends with my sewing machine today


I was all set to do some sewing this morning. I have some pretty fabric, which is all cut out and pressed and waiting for me to sew it. Am I sewing though? No I am not. What I have been doing is trying to persuade my sewing machine to work properly.

This is what it’s doing on the reverse of the test pieces of fabric.


That was a couple of the better efforts. Most of them look like this.


Not quite what I was hoping for.


And from a different angle.


My first thought was the tension. It’s been fine before but the manual said if it’s loose on the bottom, it needs the upper tension increasing. So I did that.


It then started going all loopy on the top.

I’ve had all the bobbin assembly out and cleaned it. I’ve had the plate thing that’s under the needle off and cleaned there too. I’ve oiled it, checked that everything is in the right place and reassembled it. I’ve changed the needle and made sure it’s threaded properly.

I have absolutely no idea what else to try. I don’t want to pay for it to be serviced as I’ve nearly saved enough up for a new machine and want to keep my cash for that. I can’t get technical help from the manufacturer as I can’t find them online any more so I’m thinking they don’t trade now. That’s what I get for buying the cheapest machine I could get, but I did only want it for scrapbooking then. Sigh.

Do any of my stitchy friends have any idea what else I can try please? I’d be really grateful for any suggestions.

I guess I’ll go and do some housework now, seeing as I can’t sew. Mutter mumble, sulk, sulk.


Edited to add:

It is now working as well as it usually does. Cherry suggested that it might be the thread and when I went to change the bobbin thread, it occurred to me that I may have overloaded the bobbin slightly. I took some thread off it and that did the trick. Thanks Cherry and Ellie for the advice.

I was just starting to look forward to my new Pfaff too…


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7 thoughts on “I’m not friends with my sewing machine today

  1. Glad you got it going again.


  2. It can be caused by the thread you are using. Try with same thread top and bottom and diff to the one you are using now. If it’s too sloppy or thin or thick it can do this.

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    • There’s a thought. I have got the same thread top and bottom. It’s a new reel of Gutermann cotton, which is the thread that I prefer to use for quilting projects. I’ll try a different one and see if that works.
      Thanks 🙂


  3. You did all the things you can do, it sounds like it needs a service and as you don’t want to spend the money, maybe its time to wait till you can buy a new one. I had that issue a few years ago and I ended up waiting till I could get a new one 🙂


    • Thanks Ellie. I thought that might be the case, but as I don’t know much about sewing machines, I thought there might be something else that I could do.

      I think my husband is coming round to the idea that I might have half of the machine for an early birthday/Christmas present so I can replace it sooner rather than later. I have my eye on a basic Pfaff 🙂


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