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It looks good enough to eat


I’ve done some more to Pie Menu, while watching Stargate Atlantis. I love that program. I’m getting on quite nicely with my new project. Obviously it was just what I needed to get me stitching again.

I’ve finished the next section and now it looks like this.


That pie looks yummy, don’t you think? I still have a couple of French knots to do in this bit, plus some straight stitch, but I’ll do that once the rest is finished so those stitches don’t get crushed under the frame.

I have all the blocks finished for my quilt and am ready to sew them all together. That’s not as impressive as it sounds. There are only sixteen blocks and they’re HSTs, so not exactly complicated. I think it’s going to look great though so I’m quite excited to get it finished.

C25K – I’m now on week two and still keen. Week one went well. Day one was fine, but my legs ached afterwards. Day two was harder and my legs really ached afterwards. Day three was great. I was raring to go and had almost no aches after.

Day one of week two was a bit tougher and my knees weren’t too happy about it but the rest of my legs were fine. Day two tomorrow. I’m hoping the GPS doesn’t give up half way through tomorrow, which is what it did on day one. I love looking at the stats afterwards and it’s a shame when I can only see my pace and distance for the first part. I find it really encouraging to see how I did.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow, both for the GPS and for enough energy afterwards to do some sewing πŸ˜‰


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6 thoughts on “It looks good enough to eat

  1. This is lovely – I don’t remember you adding this to the stash but I like it and well done with the C25K.


    • I’ve had this one for ages. I kept thinking about stitching it, but there was always something else calling to me. I have Ice Cream Sundae too, which is similar, so I feel that may get bumped up the pile πŸ™‚


  2. I love the little blue birds, and well done on all the exercising!


  3. Pies looks great! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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