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Star Quilt


I’ve made my first quilt top! I’m very excited about it and can’t wait to get it finished. It’s a design out of the magazine Love Patchwork and Quilting. It’s very simple, with just sixteen huge blocks, and because of that I thought it’d be a good one to start with. I was going to wait until finishing the quilt before taking a photo but I’m so chuffed with it that I couldn’t resist showing it off straight away. I was trying to think of the best way to take a photo of it, but then my husband offered his assistance. StarQuiltTop It’s pegged to a bit of wooden beading, and you can just see his hand holding it up. I’m thinking that I could have picked a better backdrop, but then the garden doesn’t really have any pretty bits at the moment.

The fabric is STOF Japanese Lifestyle and is lovely. It has a gold sheen running through it. I got it at the NEC show earlier this year in a pack of 10 fat quarters for £20. The background fabric is a bit of a cheat. I read about it on a few different blogs so thought I’d try it to save some money. It’s a flat double cotton sheet. It’s quite a fine one so seems to work ok with the patterned cotton. I cut it carefully so I’d have a piece left over that’s big enough to do the backing too. I think there’ll be enough left from the patterned cotton to make the binding.

I’m currently planning the next one. It’s a bit addictive once you start, isn’t it 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Star Quilt

  1. It’s really lovely. You can never go wrong with stars on quilts. I love the fabrics too 🙂 Now you will be addicted to quilt making like the rest of us LOL.


  2. Beautiful! Those fabrics go really well together, don’t they? Looking forward to seeing your next one.


  3. Wow Carole, that’s amazing, well done. Makes me want to make one, but I have enough projects at the moment!!


  4. I love this. I might be able to do something like this.


    • It was really easy. 18″ squares to make the HSTs and 17.5″ squares for the plain background squares. The trickiest bit was finding a bit of floor big enough to lay it out on to make sure the squares were in the right order before I started stitching.


  5. gorgeous fabrics and your points are all so neat!


  6. Absolutely gorgeous, I love the fabrics and you’ve done a top job with the sewing 😀 Remember me saying I was making a quilt for Winnie? this is the pattern I was using and had to put on hold until I’m finished being fixed! Once that new machine arrives you’ll be free motioning away on this one I think.


    • Thank you 🙂

      I shall look forward to seeing your quilt once you can get back to it.

      I can’t wait to have a go at free motion, but I suspect I’ll be a bit rubbish at it, at least at first 😛


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