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It’s here!


I’ve got a new sewing machine. Not the one that I was planning to get, but when the husband said I should get this one while it was the Pick of the day, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

He knew I was planning to replace my cheap one, and that I was saving up for a decent one. He was channel-hopping before going to work and spotted that the Pick of the day on Create and Craft was a sewing machine.

(and I don’t particularly want to know why he was looking at crafting channels)

As soon as he came home, he put the TV on to show me. He seemed very keen on me buying it so I did some research online and couldn’t really find anything to dislike about it, but an awful lot to like. So, I ordered it.


It was half-price so I got a machine with better specifications that I could otherwise have afforded. It has a gazillion different stitches and there are nine interesting-looking feet. Nine! I can’t wait to have a play with them. It also came with an extender table, which will come in handy once I try free-motion quilting.

I’ve watched the DVD that came with it, which was very good, and I’ve had my nose in the instruction manual for a full day now. Also very good. Actually it’s a bit of a bonus having it in proper English, as my old machine’s instructions were in a foreign language with the English at the side of it, but as a translation so not particularly clear in parts.

I’m happy that I know what the buttons and switches do now, and I spent yesterday cutting out squares. Today I’m going to start sewing. I’m very, very excited 🙂


Author: Carole

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12 thoughts on “It’s here!

  1. How fun! Nothing quite like playing with a new sewing machine. Enjoy & I can’t wait to see what you sew!


  2. Woohoo, how did the sewing go?


  3. Oh wow Carole, that looks fantastic!. Have fun sewing and playing!


  4. ooooh it looks like it’s got all the options ^^ hope you have fun trying everything out


  5. Looks good for lots of sewing.


  6. looks like a good machine, looking forward to seeing your creations


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