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Disappearing nine patch


Before I try to finish my Star quilt with my new sewing machine, I thought I’d make a small lap quilt to practise on. I had a selection of brown fabrics and thought they might look quite nice as a disappearing nine patch. I rather like the design, having seen it on several blogs and on Pinterest.

It was easy to do, and didn’t take long. My new machine is a joy to use and I’m getting quite confident with it now. I’ve tried using it with and without the foot pedal and both ways are great. There is so much control with the foot pedal. I love it.

This is the quilt top. I’ve yet to quilt it as I need to get some more batting. It’s laid out in a regular pattern but I was trying for random as far as the colours go. I’m quite pleased with it.


I think I’ll quilt it with straight lines, just to get some practise in with the walking foot.

I managed to photograph this one without any helpย as it’s small enough to hang on my airer. I did get a bit distracted while I was outside though. This chap landed on my coriander plants, right next to me, and as the camera was in my hand…



Isn’t he lovely? He’s been flitting around the garden for a few days now. I love butterflies.

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8 thoughts on “Disappearing nine patch

  1. I love the colours
    I still haven’t got round to quilting my D9P !


  2. That’s great Carole, I’m liking that circle fabric as well


    • Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
      I pulled the circle fabric and the matching squares one out first, then had a rummage to see what would go with them. I wish I’d had more than just a fat quarter each of them now.


  3. That’s a stunning quilt. You made it sound easy but I assume that many hours of work and planning went into it.


    • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
      The trickiest bit was trying to get it balanced but still random. Also I was convinced that one of the squares would end up the wrong way round. Much easier than anything with triangles though ๐Ÿ˜›


  4. I like it. Great pic of the butterfly.


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