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Remember this?


I’ve fished the Flower Sampler Book out of its box and have started to stitch on it again. I’m going to be posting progress at three-weekly intervals, as I’m doing a SAL with several other bloggers. Avis and Claire are working on the same project but the rest of us are all doing something different. I’ll link to everyone on the first progress post on the 12th October.

Just to remind you what the project is, as it hasn’t seen the light of day for over a year, here are some photos of the parts that I’ve stitched so far.

The cover.



Page one – backstitch and cross stitch.



Page two – cross stitch and a small sampler. I loved doing that sampler and may do a larger one at some point. I could use all my favourite stitches and threads, to my own design.



Page three – blackwork. I’m not a fan of doing backstitch, so not surprisingly, this wasn’t my favourite part to do. I love the finished piece though.



There are four double pages left to do, and two single pages which will go on the insides of the cover. Page four, which I’m currently stitching is Assisi. The really interesting, and more advanced pages are coming soon – Hardanger, pulled thread work and pattern darning. I’m quite excited to be working on this again, and hopefully, now that I’ve committed to posting regular updates for the SAL, I’ll get it finished.


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8 thoughts on “Remember this?

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the pages, it’s beautiful so far!


  2. I have to reiterate everyone above…this is an incredible idea to show off different styles and something which you wouldn’t necessarily see without x


    • It is. As soon as I saw the finished model at the Sewing for Pleasure show, I knew that I had to make one myself. I love doing different stitches so this really was perfect for me to try.


  3. what a wonderful idea – a needlework book!!!


  4. It’s a lovely project! I love blackwork and I remember doing pulled thread work many moons ago so I can’t wait to see what you do with that. I’m so pleased you are joining the SAL 🙂


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