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Soup, lovely soup


I got a bit of a bargain at the supermarket a few weeks ago. There were a couple of nice-sized pork shanks in the reduced section. I got them both for around £5. I also picked up some pork cheek and ox tail from the same section, also at bargain prices.

They’ve all been sitting in the freezer since then, waiting until I had a use for them, and this week I defrosted the pork shanks to make soup.

Stephen has decided he wants to take soup to work most days and as I won’t buy processed foods, if we want soup, it has to be homemade. Good job I like making soup, especially now I’ve got a slow cooker to make huge batches in.

I put in loads of veg with the pork. There was parsnip, swede, carrot, kale, celery, sweet potato and onion. I also put in some pearl barley to add a bit of bulk. I seasoned it with some herbs from the garden, mostly sage and thyme and added some chicken stock.

Several hours later, and after fishing out the pork shanks, it looked like this.


It was a lot fuller before removing the meat. Those shanks were big!

After removing the bone, which consisted of picking up the bone and watching the meat fall off it, and then shredding the meat, I had all this.


That’s a large pasta bowl, to give you an idea of scale.

Next I attacked the veg mix with a stick blender.I didn’t make it completely smooth. It’s textured now and not chunky so it’s better for going in a flask.


Finally I stirred the meat back in, divided it into flask-sized portions and froze it.


It’s very thick, maybe a bit too thick, but absolutely delicious. Also filling, and Stephen liked it, which is the important thing.



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2 thoughts on “Soup, lovely soup

  1. Your soup looks scrummy, I almost don’t mind the return to cooler weather so the soup pot is permanently on the go. Great bargains, I always want to have a go at Oxtail but it is ridiculously expensive!! The spoon always stands up in a good soup 😉 Fiona x


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