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We’ve had a great start to the holiday today. We’ve been to three of the parks and one resort, where we had lunch. We’ve had a few photos taken by Photopass photographers and we also have some ride photos.

The morning started when the alarm went off at 6am. We had a light breakfast of  yoghurt parfait, which we’d fetched from the Mara last night. We managed to get out only ten minutes later than we’d planned, and caught the Disney bus to Hollywood studios for early entry at 8am.


We made a beeline for the Tower of Terror where I made an interesting discovery. I had my hair cut quite short before we came away. It’s very short on the sides and back but longer on top. I thought it’d stay nice and tidy while out and about and would be easy to care for. So, that’s mostly true, but it seems that on rides that drop you or go fast, the longer top hair floats up which makes for an interesting look.

Tower of Terror.


See what I mean?

Next we went on Star Tours. That was fun! Then we did the Muppet show. We felt a bit peckish after that so we shared a strawberry muffin from Writer’s stop. We didn’t want to eat too much as we had a lunch reservation at 12.45.

We got a few photos taken by the photographers. I quite like this one.


And I really like this one.



It was now getting really busy in the park. We’d expected this and had planned to head over to The Dolphin at lunch time, but as it got busier sooner than we’d thought, we walked over early and went into Epcot to get our passports for the Food and Wine festival. While we were there, we went on the Ellen ride as we love that and it’s a nice sit down in the cool. Did I mention how hot it was today? It was lovely.

Lunch was at the Dolphin at the Fresh Mediterranean market. I’d never even heard of this place before, but it sounded good so we thought we’d give it a try. We’re glad we did as we had a lovely meal there. There are three different salads on the menu, or you can create your own. You get the list of what you can have plus a pencil and you mark what you want.

You pick one from each of the sections except for the veg section where you could pick five. There were three different salad leaves to choose from, about six proteins, some croutons, dressings, and a brilliant selection of veg. We both chose salmon as our protein but other than that our meals were completely different.

I had a red pepper dressing, sour dough croutons, romaine lettuce, and for the veg I picked olives, roast red pepper, edame, pickled banana peppers and artichoke hearts. It was delicious. They also brought a pot of different breads with some butter and the dessert buffet was included in the cost of the salad – $15.


We needn’t have made a reservation as it was very quiet in there so we may well go there again. That salmon was beautiful.

After lunch, I realised three things. I had a migraine starting, I’d forgotten to put my migraine meds in my bag, and my Crocs were making my feet sore. We had some time before our FastPasses at Animal Kingdom so we got the bus back to our resort so I could take some tablets. Once back, I looked at my feet and found blisters. Both feet have them in the same place, on the side of the heels and just behind the middle toes. They’re not small blisters either. It’s annoying as I live in Crocs so it’s not as if I’ve tried to walk around in new shoes.

After I’d had a lie down for an hour to give the tablets a chance to start working, I put on some socks and trainers and off we went again. I’d changed one of our FastPasses to a later time before I had a lie down, so we weren’t going to miss one.

We arrived in plenty of time for our Safari FP. It was quite a good one with a smashing view of the lions. After that we went over to Expedition Everest. That was brilliant and we got a reasonable ride photo, again with my flying hair.


I was halfway through putting my arms up for the drop. Stephen has one arm up and his other hand is hanging on tight. Love it.

Next we had a bit of a wait for our next FastPass so we had a go on Primeval Whirl. There was no wait for that, which meant that we still had some time before we could go on Dinosaur so we had a look at the Standby time. It was only ten minutes so we went on. And then we went on again. And finally we used our FastPass. The photo on this ride is taken just as a large dino appears and roars at you. We know exactly where the photo is taken and like to ham it up a bit.

This is the best one from today.


It was starting to get dark after Dino ride #3 so we made our way back to our resort and went straight to The Mara to get something to eat. We both got the Mara salad which was yummy. It had loads of chicken, lentils, chickpeas and veggies. We followed it up with a small pumpkin cheesecake each. Does that count as healthy? Pumpkin is a veggie, right?

One of the fun things about having Memory Maker is that on a couple of rides, not only do you get the ride photos, but you get a video too. I love that you don’t need to do anything to get them. The sensors read your Magic Bands and add them to your account automatically.

On checking to see our photos this evening, I found the video from Tower of Terror. I think it’s brilliant so I’m sharing it with you.

Tomorrow we have an early breakfast at one of our favourite places. I may take photos.


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