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Hollywood Studios and Boma


We had a nice leisurely morning today. I was awake and reading at 5.30am but didn’t actually get out of bed until about 7.30am. We didn’t go out until after 9am, having spent the morning getting ready very slowly, having breakfast in our room and lounging on the balcony. Breakfast was yogurt parfait from the Mara again.

We got on a very crowded bus to Hollywood Studios and spent several hours strolling round and doing various rides. We had our photo taken at a Once upon a time backdrop, as we love that show. The characters are added digitally afterwards.


We went on The Great Movie Ride, which we love. Today we got the gangster. I love the ending of this when you see all the clips of the various movies, old and new. It always makes me want to go and watch some of the films. We used our FastPasses on Star Tours, Rock’n’Roller coaster and Tower of Terror. We also did Star Tours on standby and watched the Indiana Jones show.

It looks like I’m having much more fun than Stephen on Rock’n’Roller coaster, which is odd as I’m not keen on upside down rides and he is.


Love the expression on the face of the kid behind me.

We had an early lunch in the park just before mid-day. I’d spotted that The Commissary had some nice salads last time we were here so that’s where we went. I had a yummy couscous, quinoa and arugula salad with salmon. Lots of salmon. Stephen had the Asian chicken salad, which he really enjoyed. We refrained from having dessert, but did get drinks on our way out of the park later. I had a latte over ice, while Stephen had frozen cappuccino. Both were pumpkin pie flavoured. Yum!

We left the park to come back to our resort at about 3pm. A bus pulled in just as we got to our stop. We were the only ones waiting and a few seconds after we boarded, the bus pulled away. It stopped at Blizzard Beach but there was no-one waiting for it. The next stop was at Kidani Village, where once again no-one else got on. Next stop was ours, and we got off, having had the entire bus to ourselves for the whole journey. We felt very special 😉

We then went on a stroll round the various outlooks to see some animals from lower down. As we’re in DVC accommodation, we’re on the fifth floor so we get a good overview but sometimes it’s nice to get a different perspective. We took loads of photos. This is one of an eland is one of my favourites.


We were back in our room by 5pm, where we chilled for a while before getting ready for dinner at Boma. We had to wait a while before being shown to our table as it was really busy in there, but it was well worth the wait. We both had some soup to start. I had a seafood gumbo and Stephen had ‘something with beans in it’. He had a beer and I had a non-alcoholic drink called Coconut elixir. It was yummy!

We both sampled lots of the different foods on the buffet. Some of the things that I had were nut-crusted salmon, bobotie, fufu, coconut rice, various veggie mixes, some African sausage stew and some salads. Stephen had some of the Durban spiced chicken and some beef loin sliced to order. It was all delicious, especially the salmon and the rice.

I left some room for dessert. We’d been good all day so we could have dessert tonight. I had a cassava cake, strawberry panna cotta, Kenyan coffee tart and best of all was a pumpkin cheesecake.


Stephen had the same but with the addition of a mini brownie.

The whole meal was fabulous. I think this is the best buffet on Disney and love eating here.

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing in our room as we have an early morning tomorrow.

The photos and video from the Seven dwarves mine train finally appeared on our account tonight, so I’m adding them now. Hi ho!




Author: Carole

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6 thoughts on “Hollywood Studios and Boma

  1. Oh. Just found your trip report. Will have to catch up. Love the 7 dwarves video I haven’t seen it before.
    Boma is one of my favourites too.
    very jealous
    hope you are having a great time


  2. looks like you’re having loads of fun ^^


  3. Just caught up on all the Disney posts, great photos and loving the food you are finding! Ever so slightly jealous but I will read every morning before work and pretend I am there too for a few minutes!


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