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We’ve had a very lazy day today. It mostly consisted of eating a fabulous lunch and watching the animals on the savannas.

We spent the morning lazing round our studio room, and sitting on the balcony to watch the animals. We don’t see many in the mornings but there were a few about. There were three East African crowned cranes just below us. Every now and then, one of them would spread his wings and do a display. They’re such beautiful birds. We also spent some time watching the Red River hogs.


They’re funny-looking creatures but I rather like them.

At 1pm we set off on the short walk to Kidani Village.


We went on a couple of the overlooks to see the animals, before heading to Sanaa for our lunch reservation. We ate at Sanaa last year and it was probably the best meal of our holiday. I love the menu there with the delicious African/Asian foods.


We didn’t have to wait for our table and were taken straight in. I was chuffed about this as I was starving. We didn’t get a window seat this time, but we could still see outside to where the giraffes were wandering past. This is such a beautifully decorated restaurant. The attention to detail is amazing. This is the wall above where we were seated.


We’d already decided what to have to start with. They do an appetiser for two, which has three different items on it, two of each. Unfortunately, we were so hungry, and it looked so good, that we dived straight in and it was pretty much gone before I remembered that I was going to take a photo. Ah well, you’ll have to imagine just how lovely it looked. It was on a long rectangular plate with three indents at one end. They held some cucumber raita, some chutney that we think was mango, and some thinly julienned carrots and onion. The appetisers arranged along the plate were Potato and pea samosas, lamb kefta sliders and channa tikki.

It was all delicious and we ate the lot. Stephen had a beer with his lunch, a Samuel Adams. I wanted to try a No-jito, one of the non-alcoholic drinks that they have. I had the coconut elixir at Boma, which was yummy. It’s coconut water with pineapple and cranberry juices.  The no-jito was also yummy. It’s fresh limes, mint and agave nectar, topped up with soda water. Very refreshing.

For my entrée I had the Slow cooked in gravy. You pick two out of the five selections and then pick one of the rice dishes. I had butter chicken and beef short ribs with five-grain pilaf.


The butter chicken was mildly spiced but full of flavour. The chicken was melt in the mouth. The ribs just fell apart as you touched them and the gravy was very tasty. It was all delicious and I enjoyed every mouthful.

Stephen had the grilled lamb kefta, served on a naan bun with tamarind and cucumber raita, with a pickle spear and roast potatoes. It looked great and he really enjoyed it.


We were quite full after eating all our lunch but didn’t want to go without sampling one of the yummy desserts they have there. We shared the dessert trio which consists of Banana cheesecake, Seasonal kulfi and Tanzanian chocolate mousse. It was just the right amount and was amazing.


The banana cheesecake was a bit longer, but I’d already attacked it before taking the photo.

As we were waiting for the bill, we spotted movement by the nearest window. I investigated and spotted three of the East African crowned cranes.


Look how close he is to the window.

After Sanaa, we walked back to Jambo House and after popping up to our room, headed for Epcot. We had to wait ages for a bus so missed our FastPass for Test Track by a few minutes. It wouldn’t have made any difference though as the ride was down. We were just in time for our Soarin FP though so went straight on that.

We didn’t stay long at Epcot and spent the rest of the evening chilling at our resort. Tomorrow we check out of Animal Kingdom Lodge and head for our next stop. I’m sad to be leaving here as it has animals and also the best food, but I’m also looking forward to checking into a one bedroomed villa and enjoying the brilliant location of the Beach Club villas.



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