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Epcot and the Beach Club Villas

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Today we said a sad goodbye to Animal Kingdom Lodge, followed by a happy homecoming at the Beach Club Villas. The move from one to the other went very smoothly. I settled our bill at AKL last night, so we didn’t need to do anything this morning. Usually when we move from one resort to another, we have a car, but this time we didn’t. We pick one up tomorrow for our last two weeks.

Disney will move your luggage for you though, so we dropped our cases and bags at Bell services this morning and made our way to the Beach Club on the Disney bus. We were there at about 10.30 to check in which, as I’d already done online check-in, consisted of showing some photo ID and confirming my email address. Then we went off to Epcot, getting there just before 11am, so were allowed straight into the World Showcase where we got our first photo of the day done.


We got to the refreshment port just as it opened and got our first snack of the day. I’ve been reading about Cronuts online for a while and wondered what all the fuss was about. When I saw that they’d be at the F&W festival, I decided to try one. They’re called Croissant-doughnuts here but they’re the same thing. they’re round like a doughnut, but layered and flaky inside like a croissant. They’re a bit greasy, like a doughnut and have a crispy outer, and are rolled in cinnamon sugar.


It was quite nice. I wouldn’t go mad for them, and now I’ve tried one, I don’t feel the need to have another.

After eating our cronuts, we carried on down to Future World and had a go on Mission Space (green) as there was only a ten minute wait. We then had a coffee while I checked my email. (Pumpkin spice frappuccino for Stephen and a Golden maple frappuccino for me) I had a message that our room was ready, giving our room number, so we strolled back to the Beach Club to pop the passports and cash in the safe and say hello to our room. We didn’t need to go back to reception. It was all very simple. Disney magic.

A couple of photos of our new home. Lounge, diner and kitchen.


Bedroom and both bathrooms – one through the shutters and one through the door on the right.


Once we’d lightened our load a little we went back to Epcot. One of the things I love about the Beach Club is its proximity to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios. We can walk into Epcot in a few minutes so it’s very handy if we fancy getting a few snacks from the Food and Wine festival.

We took a slow stroll down to Test Track to use our FastPass. I managed to keep my arms out the way of my face this time. Stephen was obviously too excited about the high-speed circuit to think about that. Still, at least you can see one of us.


Then we had a go on the Nemo ride while we waited for our time for Soarin. Then had another photo taken.


After riding Soarin, we were getting a bit peckish so we strolled up to the Brazil booth to get something that I’d had my eye on. We both had the Crispy pork belly with black beans, tomato and cilantro. I’d love to show you a photo but I completely forgot to take one in my haste to sample it. It was delicious. One of the best snacks we’ve ever had at the festival. We may go back for another one with some of the cheese bread that they have there. If so, I’ll try to remember the photo.

Next we went to the Morocco booth. I had a spicy shrimp roll with cilantro and mint sauce, and Stephen had a kefta pocket – ground seasoned beef in a pita pocket. My shrimp roll was excellent and Stephen really enjoyed his kefta pocket too.


We strolled a bit further round to see what else took our fancy until we spotted the Hops and Barley booth. This one is a favourite of mine as the past couple of times we’ve been here for the festival, they’ve had lobster rolls and a delectable bread pudding. Neither were there this year but I did fancy trying the baked lobster alfredo, while Stephen had the beef slider with pimento cheese. My alfredo was lovely and creamy with big chunks of lobster in the bottom. Stephen said his slider was very good – nice and spicy.


We headed up to France after that as we both fancied some ice-cream from Artisans de glaces. After being ignored for five minutes by the two staff who were having a heated discussion in French, we walked out without getting anything. I cannot abide rudeness and it’s very rare you see it on Disney.

We were both a bit weary by now so we headed back to our lovely one-bedroomed villa, via the shop where we picked up something for breakfast in the morning, and a fruit tart each to compensate for not getting our ice-creams.

Our studio at AKL was great but I did miss having the washer and dryer that we get in a one-bedroom, so I’m currently catching up on a bit of laundry.

I set the Map my walk app going before we headed back to Epcot for the second time, as I was curious about how far we’d walk in an afternoon. In just four hours we walked four and a half miles. No wonder we’re sleeping so well.

We’ve got an early start in the morning as we’re doing early entry before picking up the car from the Dolphin.



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One thought on “Epcot and the Beach Club Villas

  1. your room looks lovely. I do like the 1 bed villas.
    we never got an email about our rooms. not sure why but it was a minor annoyance as I spent the entire day checking for it. its much nicer when you can get in the room early

    your snacks all look delicious.

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