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Animal Kingdom and Sweet Tomatoes


I’m a bit late posting this as I wasn’t feeling too good last night. I’ve had a cold brewing for a few days, which I’ve been ignoring, but yesterday it got worse. When we got in, after being out for over twelve hours, I went straight to bed. I’m feeling a bit better this morning but we’re having a quiet day in as I don’t feel like going out. We may go to the Magic Kingdom for extra magic hours later, depending how we both feel.

In other news, the crown has come off my back tooth. Great huh? It’s been loose and flapping about for a couple of days and I was hoping it would stay put until we got home. Today it was worse and it was making it difficult to eat so I eased it all the way off. I have been worried that it’d come off in the night and get swallowed so it’s a relief that it’s off now. It doesn’t hurt, but there is some dental cement left in the tooth which may be protecting it. Hopefully that’ll stay there. I really don’t want to go to the dentist here if I can help it. I’ve just checked our insurance and there’s only £200 dental cover. I foolishly didn’t check, assuming that the huge amount of medical cover would do for all things medical. Apparently not. That’ll teach me to read all the small print next time.

But never mind all that. I’m sure you’d rather read about our adventures yesterday. We started early, again, and got to Animal Kingdom just after 8am, for early entry. We made straight for the safari and rode it twice before park opening.

We saw lots of animals, including the bongos, which were crossing the road in front of us and were very close to the side of the truck. The best thing was the big cats though. Not only did we see the cheetahs, but one of them was actually walking. Usually you see two cheetah shaped blobs lying down in the distance, but today we had a really good view.


Not too bad a photo considering it’s fully zoomed and taken from a bouncing truck. The male lion was on his feet too, again not something you see too often.


As we came round the hill that the lions live on, he started to roar. It was quite impressive.


We saw all the elephants out, but they were mostly on the side where they’re slightly obscured with foliage. I did take a photo of one of my favourite views in the elephant area though, and there are some elephants in there.


You just have to look closely.

We used our first FastPass on Expedition Everest.


I think Stephen was scared of the Yeti. Our next FP was on the Safari, again, and the last one was on Dinosaur.


We were being silly for the camera. As you do.

The photographers seem to be in different places to the usual spots this year. We found one by Everest so had a few pics taken. I liked that she took some against the signs, and then moved us to take some with the flags.




We also had a walk round the Pangani Forest trail, some of which was closed off. We also walked round the Maharaja Jungle trek, but the tigers were all napping where they were out of sight.

We left Animal Kingdom around 12.30 and got a Disney bus to the Dolphin hotel, where we picked up our car. I’d ordered an economy (very small). Usually they don’t have them so you get a free upgrade to whatever they do have. We never expect that though and would be fine with a small car as that’s what we’re used to at home. We’ve got a beauty this time though. It’s a bright red Chevrolet Cruze with all the bells and whistles. Leather interior, a touch screen for the music system, (which we’re still trying to figure out) and it’s very smooth and comfortable. Stephen is a very happy chappy.

We drove straight to Sweet Tomatoes for our lunch. We do love it there with the fabulous salad selection and the delicious hot foods, not to mention the desserts. I’d had an email from them advertising their latest seasonal dessert – Pumpkin cobbler with walnuts. I managed to save enough room for two small helpings of it. Yum! We both had a nice plate of salads, picking out all our favourite items. We both had some soup. Stephen had split pea and barley, while I had clam chowder. We both had a slice of the foccacia pizza and Stephen finished with a zucchini muffin.

We had a lunch planned at one of the Downtown Disney restaurants for next week but we decided that we’d need to return to Sweet Tomatoes, and would have a much nicer lunch there for under $20 than we’d have at the other one for probably $60+, so I’ve cancelled our reservation and we’ll go back to Sweet Tomatoes for another nice lunch. (and more pumpkin cobbler)

After lunch we drove to Universal as I wanted to activate our annual passes. I got a decent AP discount on our room there and had read that you need to have the pass activated before checking in. It didn’t take long to exchange the voucher for passes and we then went into Islands of Adventure. It was packed in there so we didn’t bother going on any rides, although we did walk through Hogsmeade for a look. After we’d walked all the way round, taking in the atmosphere and reminiscing about past visits, we headed back to the Beach Club, mainly as I was feeling quite grotty.

I’m not sure if we’ll go out later. We may do as I don’t feel too bad now, but Stephen has just gone for a nap as he seems determined that he has a dose of man flu coming. He was trying very hard to cough convincingly earlier. Men!

Tomorrow we have another lazy morning planned as today should have been a late night, so we’ll play it by ear and see how we both feel.


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3 thoughts on “Animal Kingdom and Sweet Tomatoes

  1. Whoops, that’a comment from Bev

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  2. I hope you are all feeling better, and I’l try not to be too frustrated that you got a nice big car and we got the smallest car ever built!!
    Your safari looks good, I’ve never seen the Lion’s awake, and certainly not roaring.


    • We were lucky with the car. I was worried we’d end up with a Smart car after reading what you and other people had been given. I think it helps that we pick up from Disney though. We usually go to the Car care centre but this time we picked up from the Dolphin. Niether place gives you any hard sell but as they don’t have much selection, I think you’re more likely to get a bigger car. It’s much more pleasant than getting it at the airport too.

      I’m thinking that if you do enough safaris, at some point you’ll catch the big cats moving…


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