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We had a very lazy day today. I didn’t get out of bed until lunch time, although I was awake and reading. My cold was making me feel groggy for most of the day but by mid-afternoon, I felt quite a bit better and we thought we might go out. We’d planned to go to the Magic Kingdom tonight so that’s what we did.

We drove there so went on the first Disney tram ride of the holiday. We opted to take the ferry-boat over this time.


We just made our first FastPass on Buzz Lightyear and then went on the next one at Big Thunder Mountain. After that we went for some dinner at Columbia Harbour House. We always eat there at least once as they have a great menu. Tonight I had the Lighthouse sandwich, which is hummus, slaw and tomato.


Stephen had the salmon.


After we’d eaten, we went for our last FastPass at the Haunted Mansion. I love all the detail and theming on that ride. We spotted a photographer as we came out, and as we’ve never had our photo taken in that spot, we joined the short queue.


We had a look around the newest shop, Memento Mori, which is themed to the Haunted Mansion. There’s some fabulous stuff in there, but I didn’t indulge.

We decided to come back then as we were both getting tired. There was another photographer as we came out so we got this one done.


We picked up a cinnamon bun on the way back and have just shared that with a cup of tea. We’re back to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow afternoon, but we may go somewhere nice for breakfast in the morning.


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