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Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios

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We did early entry to Animal Kingdom again today. We didn’t have to go out quite so early this time though as we went in the car. It was a bit nippy when we went out, at 7.30am, so we tried out the heated seats in our swanky hire car. Very nice!

As usual, we headed straight for the Safari and got on twice before park opening. The big cats were awake again and we had two brilliant rides.

The cheetah was near the front, peering at us from behind a rock.


The lioness was lying down and surveying her kingdom.


The warthog was close to the road.


And so was one of the giraffes.


And the herd of addax.


Isn’t he gorgeous!

After doing the two Safaris, we went for some breakfast from Kusafiri coffee shop. I was very tempted by the cheese danish and the cinnamon buns but was slightly more healthy and had the savoury option, a breakfast roll. Stephen had the same. They were piping hot and really good. They were full of egg, sausage, spinach and goat’s cheese.

We spent some time walking round the two animal trails. Both lots of gorillas were out. Stephen took some photos of the bachelor troupe, while I concentrated on the family. Stephen had some difficulty as he was shooting into the sun, but he did get some nice photos. This is one of the best.


Isn’t he a handsome beast? From my photos, I’ve picked the cute shot of the baby gorilla with the funny face.


I got a fairly good shot of one of the gibbons that live on the island with the deserted temple.


There was a tiger stalking around her enclosure but it was difficult to get photos because of the bright sun contrasting with the shadows. I did get a few though.


She’s so beautiful. We were told that she’s seventeen years old and is an Asian tiger.

We did a few things that were on our wish list for this holiday. We went into It’s tough to be a bug as Stephen likes it. I’m not as keen – there are bugs.

We saw the Festival of the Lion king. I’d forgotten just how good that is. Finally we saw my favourite show in any of the Disney parks – Finding Nemo, the musical. I love, love, love that show. It’s so brilliantly done.

We headed back to the Beach Club for a siesta after that, grabbing some lunch from our shop on the way. Stephen had a hot roast beef sandwich.


I was still feeling in a healthy-ish food mood so had the quinoa and roasted veg wrap. It came with a bit of salad and was excellent.


Late afternoon we strolled over to Hollywood Studios and did Toy Story midway mania. I got the best score of the hour and beat Stephen, of course. We also had a final ride on Tower of Terror. We did think we might see Fantasmic, but we couldn’t resist one last go on The great movie ride, and didn’t quite get out of that in time. When we went into The great movie ride there was no-one else in there other than the cast members. For a few minutes we thought we were going to have the whole ride to ourselves, but then a couple of dozen more people came in. We did get the front row, right next to the driver though, so that was brilliant. Our gangster was quite menacing.

We walked back from the Studios. It was a lovely walk in the dark, along the waterway. We’re just chilling in our villa now, watching tv and surfing.

We’ve another early start tomorrow with extra magic hours in Epcot.


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