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Animal Kingdom, golf & Trail’s End

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Today we went on Safari three times and escaped from a yeti and a dinosaur. Hooray! We also played a round of golf and went out for dinner.

Early entry again at Animal Kingdom. I love being in the park so early as although not all the animals are out on the Safari, the ones that you do see are much more active.

A few shots from today’s Safaris.


White Rhino

White Rhino







The photo of the lion isn’t brilliant, but I love his pose and I’ve never seen him on such a high rock as today. It’s just a shame the truck couldn’t stop for a second so we could get better photos. A minute or so after leaving the lion area we heard him roar three times. It was quite loud and very impressive to hear.

We went round the Maharaja jungle trek and saw one of the tigers.

Asian Tiger

Asian Tiger

We also saw a Sumatran Tiger but the photo isn’t too good as it was through glass so has reflections in it.

Before going on Expedition Everest, we watched it running for a while. You go up so high and so steep.


And then you come down so fast and twisty.


It’s a brilliant ride.

We had some breakfast in the park from our favourite place, Kusafiri.


We shared a massive, warm, sticky cinnamon bun. It was delicious.

Warm cinnamon bun

Warm cinnamon bun

We had a bit of lunch too. We were trying not to eat too much as we wanted to make sure we were hungry for tonight’s buffet dinner so we split a teriyaki beef from the Yak and Yeti local café. We do like the food there. We added a basket of fries too.


We stood and watched the drummers in Harambe for a while, but I got nervous when they started pulling people up to dance at the front as I’ve been caught before. They do not take no for an answer so we backed away and made our escape 😛


We spotted a photographer who was doing several Magic Shots for people so we got in line. I asked if we could have something different to the Olaf and Tinkerbell ones as we’d had those, so she obliged with the balloon one and a new one for us, Jiminy Cricket.


I love that photo!

When we’d done everything we wanted to, we headed over to the mini golf by the Swan and Dolphin. We just had one round on the Fantasia course and I’m ashamed to say that Stephen beat me. After that we spent some time at the Beach Club relaxing, before heading out to Fort Wilderness.

We’d never been there before so were looking forward to seeing the resort and eating at Trail’s end for the first time. We drove there, parked at the Outpost and got the bus down to the Settlement. We hadn’t realised just how big Fort Wilderness is. The bus journey took ages. We got there eventually and checked in at Trail’s End.

The food was ok. There were ribs, which were very nice, carved meats, chicken and salmon. There was a small selection of veg, some pasta, shrimp and a bit of salad. There were some quite nice desserts. The choice was quite small compared to the other Disney buffets that we’ve done. The service was poor. It’s the first time we haven’t been happy with that. We were seated ten minutes before getting our drink order taken, and our drinks didn’t appear until we were on dessert. We waited ages for the bill, and ages again before payment was taken. Not up to the usual Disney standard.

It looked a lovely resort and we wouldn’t mind having a look round in daylight on another trip. I probably wouldn’t bother eating at Trail’s End again though.

We’re chilling back at the Beach Club now and have a shopping day planned for tomorrow.

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