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Today we had a day off from the theme parks and did some shopping. We started off by getting breakfast in Denny’s. I’d seen the adverts for their pumpkin pancakes, and you know how much I love anything pumpkin-flavoured. The pancakes were amazing. They came with pumpkin spice butter. Stephen had a full breakfast that came with French toast, which I helped him with. The food was great, the service was great, and we had a really fab meal there. So much better than last night. No photos as we were very hungry and dived into our meals before I had a chance to think about taking pics.

We went to the Florida Mall for our shopping as we wanted to go to the Apple store. We’ve treated ourselves to new iPod nanos. We also bought some nice tea from a tea shop. Pumpkin flavour and a Gingerbread one.

Next we went to Barnes and Noble as I was getting withdrawal symptoms from not having handled a proper book for a couple of weeks. I bought some books and Stephen got some CDs. I guess I’ll be putting his new music onto my laptop tomorrow while we watch the Grand Prix, so I can put it on his new iPod.

Next was a trip to Downtown Disney as we wanted to go to the pictures. It was a colder day today. I think the highest temp was around 68F, and it was very windy. Just like a summer day at home, really except it didn’t rain.

We saw Horns at the cinema. It wasn’t bad but not brilliant. The cinema was lovely though. Really comfy seats. And, it got us out of the cold. We did a bit of shopping while we were at Downtown Disney and picked up sandwiches at Earl of Sandwich to bring back. We’ve just watched three hours of Big Bang theory with our sandwiches and some snacks.

Over the next couple of days we’ll be visiting the parks for the last time before packing up and saying goodbye to the Beach Club. Stephen is insisting that I wear my Birthday badge tomorrow. We’ll see.


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2 thoughts on “Shopping day

  1. I think you should wear your birthday badge. Let Disney treat you well.


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