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We’ve had a brilliant day today. We got up early and were at the entrance to Universal by 8am. Resort guests are let in an hour earlier than everyone else so it was our best chance to get on the new ride without a long queue. It’s called Harry Potter and the escape from Gringotts and is set in the bank which that flaming dragon is perched on top of. The theming inside was amazing. It was just like walking onto the film set with all the goblins doing their work at the sides, and the details all around you. We were too busy taking it all in to get any photos but we may try to get on the ride again tomorrow, with the camera out for the queue area.

The ride itself was great. It wasn’t as intense as yesterday’s go on Forbidden journey but the effects were just as amazing. We loved it so much that we went straight round for another go.

We were getting peckish for breakfast after round two, as we hadn’t eaten before leaving our room. We thought it’d be fun to eat in Diagon Alley so went to The Leaky Cauldron. They had a breakfast menu on with several choices, all of which looked good. I had a slightly healthier option this time and went for the Apple Oatmeal flan with fruit and yoghurt.


There were seven different types of fruit on that plate, and it was all lovely and fresh and juicy. The flan was delicious with a texture similar to a very light bread pudding. I really enjoyed the whole breakfast.

Stephen had a traditional breakfast and we both had pumpkin juice. I really liked the pumpkin juice.


We wandered around Diagon Alley a little longer and then went back into the main part of Universal to do some of the rides. We went on Men in Black twice.


We went on the Simpsons ride and had some fun in Springfield.

lardlad Duff springfield

We went on Shrek 4-D, Twister, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, and watched the mini parade.


And then we were peckish again so we went to Beverley Hills Boulangerie and had some dessert and coffee. We had a Chocolate cheesecake and a chilled latte one. Both scrumptious.


We didn’t fancy going on any rides that would shake us about after that so we took the Hogwarts Express over to Hogsmeade.

trainsignThe way they’ve done it so it appears as if you’re walking through a brick wall to get to the platform is great. The details in the station are impressive too.

When we got to Hogsmeade, we strolled around and took a few photos.


We were a bit thirsty so we had drinks from one of the stalls. We’d been meaning to try the Butterbeer and it seemed like a good time. It was yummy!


After enjoying our Butterbeer we took the Hogwart’s Express back to King’s Cross Station. We particularly wanted to see the journey the other way as we only did it from King’s Cross to Hogsmeade yesterday and I knew that it was different. It was just as much fun as the other way so I’m glad we did it.


It feels just like a real train and the effects are brilliant. We may have to sneak in one last ride tomorrow.

We didn’t do much more once we got back to Universal as our legs were getting a bit tired. We’d been out for seven hours at this point and we always start to flag near the end of our holiday so we went back to our room for a rest.

After a couple of hours we got hungry so decided to walk over to City Walk for a bite to eat. We had a look at several places but in the end decided on Panda Express. We’ve never eaten there before but I’ve seen good reviews and the food did look nice.

You pick one side and two entrees, so I had Chow mein for my side and Honey walnut shrimp plus Orange chicken with bacon for the entrees. It was very nice indeed, especially the shrimp, which I had loads of.


Stephen had fried rice with Shanghai angus steak plus Honey sesame chicken breast. He really enjoyed his too.


It’s been warmer again yesterday and today so we ate outside, which was very pleasant. The temperatures haven’t been up as high as we had in October but it was warm enough.

We’ve spent the rest of the evening relaxing in our room as we’re thinking of doing early entry again in the morning.




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4 thoughts on “Universal Studios

  1. I do wish we’d made it to Universal this year but it was just impossible, it does however mean we are obliged to go back 🙂 Looks like another lovely day in Paradise…


    • Oh there’s always a reason to go back 😀

      We won’t be back next year but the year after there’ll be loads of new stuff for us to see at Disney. We timed it right for Universal this year as we haven’t been here since 2010 so plenty of new rides plus Diagon Alley for us to see.


  2. Well, now I’m hungry after seeing those photos. I like Panda Express. But I love cheesecake. Have fun tomorrow. Lucy


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