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Phew. That was a long trip home. It was a very roundabout way to go to save some £££, and seemed to last for ever. We left the Royal Pacific Resort at around 10.45 after I’d managed to stuff everything into the suitcases. Not an easy job. We really need some larger cases.

We had a lovely breakfast before leaving, in the Islands dining room. You could order off the menu or go up to the buffet. The buffet looked great so we went for that. The scrambled eggs were divine. I had a couple of good dollops of that, along with quite a bit of French toast, also divine. I had some of the fruit selection too, including some pineapple and papaya. Yum!

We had no problems at any of the airports. I’d done online check-in for both airlines so everything went smoothly and quickly. We didn’t encounter any queues to speak of so that all helped to make the journey more pleasant. We flew from Orlando international to Philadelphia where we had a four and a half hour wait before taking the overnight flight to Dublin. Both flights were ok, but it was very chilly on both planes and I didn’t get much sleep on the overnighter.

I was very tired when we landed in Dublin, and faced almost a five-hour wait until our flight to Birmingham. I’m a bit paranoid about a delay causing us to miss a flight which is why we had such long layovers. It didn’t take long to get our luggage, check it in and go back through security. Then we went for some breakfast. Stephen had the same as we had on the way out, a full Irish, but I had the porridge with berries which was lovely.

We found some comfy seating and took it in turns to go for a wander while the other stayed with the hand luggage. I was trying to read my Kindle but was really struggling to stay awake. You know when you start to nod off and your head dropping down wakes you up? That was me. I had to resort to a fully caffeineated coffee and a small bar of chocolate to perk me up. Both from the very tempting Butlers chocolate cafe.

Finally it was time to board our flight and the dash through the rain to our teeny tiny plane woke us both up a bit. I’ve only travelled on a plane with propellers once before so that was an experience. Good job I like flying too as there was a bit of weather with a slightly shaky landing.

We picked up enough fresh food to last us a couple of days from the M&S in Birmingham airport and got a taxi home, arriving at about 4pm on Saturday. With the time difference taken into account that makes a total journey time of about 24 hours.

We had HIVE installed last year so it was brilliant to come home to a warm house, as I’d remotely scheduled the heating from Orlando on the Friday morning. Usually it takes a couple of days before the chill is gone.

By this time, we’d well and truly woken up so I unpacked and we watched some of the TV that had been recorded over the last three weeks. It’ll be a while before we run out of things to watch, but we started with the new series of The Big Bang Theory. By 7pm I was dead on my feet so called it a day, and was then wide awake again at 11pm. Don’t you just love jet lag?

We had a brilliant holiday and now I need to start saving and planning for the next one. It seems a very long way away at the moment.

I never got around to posting photos of our lovely holiday car, so here it is.

Cruze03 Cruze01 Cruze02

It was a Chevrolet Cruze LT and was a lovely car. The dash was all touchscreen, the seats were heated, and the boot/trunk was huge. We’d paid for something much smaller so we were delighted with our free upgrade. That cherry red was very easy to find in the massive car parks too.

I’ve got loads of photos that never made it to the blog, including some Photopass ones that I still need to download. I may share a few more once I’ve had a good look through them all. Bet you can’t wait *grin*



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2 thoughts on “Back home again

  1. Wow. The dashboard on your rental car is fantastic. Glad you’re safely back. Actually looking forward to your pictures. Lucy

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