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A new addition to the family


Meet Sammie, our new kitten.


I fear you may be seeing quite a bit more of her, if I can get her to stay still enough for photos. She thinks the phone is a new toy and walks right up to it and sticks her nose on it.


Both photos were taken with my phone but I’m hoping to get some better ones with the camera once she’s settled in a bit.

We’ve been thinking about getting cats again for years. We had two before, but lost them both to old age-related problems within a year of each other. I wasn’t ready to replace them straight away and since then, we’ve been renovating the house and doing other things that caused us to put off having more cats.

We decided to start looking once we got back from our holidays so I’ve been looking online for just the right cat. We wanted both a Bengal and either a Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest cat. Not necessarily pedigrees, but with a good mix of the breed in them.

Yesterday I spotted an ad for an 85% silver Bengal and phoned straight away. We fetched her home a few hours later. She’s about eleven weeks old and is affectionate, playful and very demanding. She’s a bit skittish still but we’re introducing her to the various rooms in the house gradually and she’s starting to find her feet.

We’re both completely smitten with her.



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13 thoughts on “A new addition to the family

  1. Oh your Sammie is too cute… crafts and cat go well together!!!


  2. So cute! I love animals. I got a kitten not too long ago (after my cat of 13 years passed away). He’s a holy terror, but gosh darn, he’s so cute.

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  3. Well Carole even though iam not a cat lover she is lovely


  4. She is beautiful. When I moved here to Florida I had to give my cats away. First time in my life that my pets didn’t live their full lives with me. It was heartbreaking but I had cancer and it was so hard to care for all four of them. My friend and roommate (RM) doesn’t like cats but her son and I want one. Maybe we can talk her into it one day. In the meantime, I do feel the loss of my cats. Enjoy you new little kitten. What have you named her? Lucy


    • I’m sorry you had to leave your cats behind. That must have been really hard, even knowing that it was best for both you and the cats. Hopefully you’ll talk your RM round.

      Our lively little tornado of a kitten is called Sammie. She’s wearing me out 🙂


      • They are only kittens once.Hang in there. I miss making my bed and having a big lump in it. Lucy


        • Oh I’m not complaining. I’m enjoying every minute of it. It’s wonderful to have a cat in the house again.

          One of my previous cats liked to hide in the bedcovers. He was afraid of the postman so dived in there as soon as he heard the post arrive.


  5. Awww sweet, she’s got a very cute wee face.


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