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Flower Sampler Book – page five #2


This is the scheduled post for the Stitch-a-long that I’m doing with several other crafty blogs. I’ve struggled a bit to get this piece finished in time as it’s quite hard to sew with a lively kitten on your lap. She was fascinated by the thread going in and out and I had to watch her closely so I could move the fabric before she pounced. I didn’t have the heart to move her as I seem to be her favourite place to snuggle up.

I did get it finished eventually though. I’m not completely happy with it as it proved to be quite a bit trickier to do Hardanger on 28ct linen than it is on Hardanger fabric which is usually 22ct. The cutting went fine though. Phew.


There aren’t many stitches but some of them weren’t as easy when I’ve done them before. The trickiest bit was tucking the points in after doing the cutting. I can usually get it quite tidy with Hardanger fabric but as fast as I stroked them behind the Kloster blocks, they popped back out again so it is a bit untidy in places.


You can just see them in the close up. I’m quite happy with the dove’s eyes and corner needleweaves, but the corner spokes weren’t easy and don’t look very neat.


The dove’s eyes in this side are a bit messier as I was struggling with them where they needed to go round Kloster blocks. The ones surrounded by needleweave were much easier.

I think it looks ok, given the problems that I had so I’m reasonably pleased. I think it’s pattern darning next, so that should be fun, especially if Sammie wants to help.

For the stitch-a-long I’m linking up to these lovely blogs:
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Do pop over and have a look at their beautiful creations.


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8 thoughts on “Flower Sampler Book – page five #2

  1. Carole! I love it. The colors and wonderful and the workmanship is amazing! Its so hard to work when our frisky furry friends are so curious about those long threads. Great job.
    Patti – NC


  2. I think it looks wonderful. You must be looking at it too close up as I can’t see any of the faults you talk about – I think a lot of us do this, we spend so much time up close with a piece we can see all the faults, but noone else puts our work so close to their face!


  3. Seems like we are having the same problem, though my cat is older and just want to sleep on my lap 🙂 I think you´ve done a great job considering!
    Gun, Sweden


  4. Well, your stitching looks superb to me. I’m loving the purple and white too 🙂 You’ve managed to complete a lot this stage.


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