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Patchwork toy box


Sammie is already getting quite a collection of toys and they were getting underfoot. I decided that she needed her own toy box, and thought she’d like one made specially for her. I knew I’d seen instructions for making a box in Love Patchwork and Quilting and after looking through my back copies twice, I found it. Why I can never spot something the first time is a mystery to me.

I did struggle with the instructions a couple of times but I got there in the end and this is the result.


As you can see from a closer view, the stitching is not exactly straight, but it isn’t bad. There should be a bow on the front with a button on it, but I thought it might be best to leave that off. She’d just chew it.


It’s lined, which was a first for me so this was great practise at several different techniques. My hand stitching, where it was pulled the right way round, leaves something to be desired, but again, it’ll do.


It stands up nicely by itself and will hopefully cope with Sammie playing with it, and probably getting in it. Her toys are in it now and she’s already investigated it. I’m sure she’ll soon be helping herself to her Mousie.




Author: Carole

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6 thoughts on “Patchwork toy box

  1. Very cute toy box. I think it would be great for yarn, too 🙂


  2. I love the fabric choice you used here. This is so cute!


  3. What a great looking toy box. You have such talent, Carole. Oh, and about not finding something the first time round? I believe it’s a universal rule, like the bread always falls on the floor butter-side down. I’m still in awe of how you just make things so easily. I crochet but that’s it. Enjoy. Lucy


    • Thank you.
      I have this inability to tell when a pattern is too complicated or difficult for me so I just have a go. With all the resources available on the internet, I can usually figure out what I’m doing and if not, I just fudge it 😉

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