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First trip to the vets

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Yesterday Sammie went to the vets for her first jabs. She was really good and didn’t struggle at all for the injection. She also had a health check while we were there too. She’s fine and is a healthy weight for her age and breed at abut 1.5kg. Everyone loved her there, and commented on her huge ears and cute little face.

She’s had a slight reaction to the injection, as we expected, and was really sleepy and dopey for about 18 hours. She’s perked up a bit now but isn’t quite her normal bouncy self just yet.

She did spot me getting the laptop out earlier and made straight for my lap as apparently she’s the only one allowed on it. It’s quite hard to type when there’s a cat sprawled over the trackpad.

2014-11-24 21.06.29We had a bit of a tussle over it.


Which made her turn her attention to my fingers. She has sharp teeth and claws.


Then she put her ‘adorable’ face on.


How can anyone resist that face?

She’s sleeping now, in one of her favourite perches on the back of the sofa.


I’m taking advantage of that to use the laptop before she spots it again.


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