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Sammie’s tunnel

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We got a bit overenthusiastic in the pet store and bought Sammie one or two toys along with the useful stuff. Not that her toys aren’t useful. They keep her occupied for hours.

She really seems to like the tunnel we bought. We just couldn’t resist it. It’s a metre long, with a hole in the centre, which she loves to dive through. It’s a Willows Enormous Tunnel, and we bought it in Pets at Home.

Sammie0112-01b Sammie0112-04b

She’ll peek out of it too.

Sammie0112-06b Sammie0112-05b Sammie0112-03b

There’s a toy dangling inside it at one end and she loves to dive straight through the tunnel, from end to end, attacking the toy as she goes past.

She goes inside it and makes it roll across the floor so it makes a crackly sort of noise. Then she comes flying out of it again.

You can’t see just how much she enjoys her tunnel from the photos, cute as she looks in them, so I managed to take some video on my phone. It’s not brilliant – I haven’t actually used the video function before – but you get the idea.

It’s that little leap in the air that makes us laugh. I’ve honestly never laughed so much as I do now. She’s so funny and even when she’s being naughty, you just can’t be cross with her.


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