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I’m really looking forward to the new Hobbit film coming out, and in preparation, decided to watch the first two again. I like to do something with my hands while I watch TV, but am having difficulty crafting at the moment due to a very inquisitive kitten. I found a cross stitch chart that I’d got kitted up that was simple enough to be worth a try. Most of it is in one colour and it’s text, so not much in the way of counting.

Plus, it was quite an appropriate stitch while watching the Hobbit films, as it’s a quote from Lord of the Rings.

Not all those

The chart is by Wee Little Stitches. It’s on a pretty hand-dyed fabric that I think I got from Sparklies. It’s been in my stash for a while. I used a variegated thread called Peapod from Crescent Colors.

I haven’t pressed it yet, as I’m thinking it needs a border. It’s a bit plain at the moment. I have an idea for one, but I need to work out where to start it so it’s even all round and every time I work it out, it comes out different. I could really use that cross stitch program that I had on my old PC right about now.

I haven’t touched my Flower book for over a week so must try to do some to that this weekend. If Sammie will let me, that is. She’s on my lap now and keeps trying to catch the letters as they appear on the screen. Like I said – inquisitive.

I’ve been taking quite a few photos of her, as well as some video. Rather than take over this blog with her, I’ve started a separate one as I wanted to have a record of her as she grows. The link is at the side, if you want to see how cute she is 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Feeling Hobbity

  1. This is great – simple but effective!


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