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Best toy ever!


We were worried that Sammie wasn’t being stimulated enough. She’s very curious and very, very lively. We play with her, and she has some toys that she can play with on her own, but she seemed to need more. I’d seen toys that are a ring with a ball that they scoot round inside and thought she might enjoy one.

We found this one at Pets at Home. As you can see, she was intrigued before we’d even got it out of the box.


It’s a Petstages Cheese chase. There’s a ball in the centre, one round the outside and a toy on a bendy stick.


She played with it for an hour without stopping. Then she had a little nap, had some dinner, and then went back to it. She loves it. The blurb on the box says it’s for cats who are curious and determined, which sums her up.

I’ve taken some more video of her. How could I resist?




Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “Best toy ever!

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  2. ooh this looks like fun, I’ll have to look in my petshop and see if they have them


  3. Oh that’s a brilliant toy, I bet that’s using up a lot of your energy Sammie 😀

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