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A new tree for Sammie


Sammie loves her original tree, but as it was only just over a metre tall, we thought she’d like something better. The tall ones were quite expensive in the shops but we found one just under 2 metres tall online at a very reasonable price. So, obviously we sent for it.

It took us a while to assemble, and necessitated clearing all the furniture to the edges of the room so we could spread all the bits out, but once finished we were very pleased with it.

So was Sammie.


She can now get from the top of the tree, onto the top of the bookcases. From there she can hop down onto the TV cabinet and then down to my sofa.

She’s like a little monkey the way she scrambles up it. Sometimes she uses the ladders and sometimes she just flies up the outside of it, using the scratching posts.

She likes the two little houses and naps in them. Sometimes curled up inside.


And sometimes half-in and half-out


She also likes to sneak up on the dangly mice from inside the houses too. The mice rattle nicely when she attacks them.


Or sometimes she just leans out and has a good stretch and scratch.


It’s a Le Pet scratcher and I’m quite impressed with how sturdy it is and how easily it was assembled. It needs a lot of brushing off as the bits from the scratching posts go all over the blue plush, but that’s not a problem.

I’ll try to get some video and some more photos of her on it soon. I just need to wait for some better light.

Her original tree is now in her room upstairs. We’ve put it by the window and she seems quite happy with that. She can sit in the sun and watch the birds and squirrels.


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2 thoughts on “A new tree for Sammie

  1. oh that looks absolutely fantastic 😀


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