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I found this reading challenge while I was reading Rachel’s blog and thought it looked a bit different and good fun. I haven’t done a reading challenge for a while, and haven’t progressed with the 1001 list or The Big Read list either recently so I’m going to give it a go.

I’ve listed all the categories on a separate page so I can check them off and put which book I’ve read for each category. Some of the categories are going to be easy, such as ‘A book you own but have never read’. My TBR shelves are groaning under the weight of choice for that one. Some are going to be a bit trickier and may need some flexible interpretation such as ‘A book you were supposed to read in school but didn’t’. Trust me, I read every book they put in front of me plus many others too. I may pick one from the current curriculum if I can find out what they are. That’d be close enough, methinks.

I’ve already made a start on the challenge with the book that I finished yesterday. I’m including it retroactively 😉

2015-01-05 10.54.46

It was the latest by Marion Keyes, so will do for ‘A book by a female author’. I do like her books and I don’t think I’ve been disappointed by any of them. This one was a lovely read with smashing characters, which could probably be said about all of her books. I liked that it started near the end of the story and then went back and forth so you were keen to know exactly what did happen to cause the current situation. Books like that keep me glued to the pages even more than usual and I read this in one day.

I think I’m going to enjoy this challenge. I hope I can manage something for all 50 categories.


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3 thoughts on “A new reading challenge

  1. Wow!, good on you for tackling all 50, but then I know you’re an avid reader. I worked out last night I’ve got to read 5 a month from now on to complete my modified challenge – that’s going to be a tall order!.


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