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Sammie is still enjoying her new cat tree. She really likes the upper house on it and spends a lot of time napping in there. She has a blanket in there which she snuggles behind so she’s almost hidden until she pops a leg or a head out of one of the holes.

Sammie2112-03b Sammie2112-01b Sammie2112-02bWe had to take her to see the vet on Friday as we were concerned about her eye. It’s been weeping for a while but the vet wasn’t worried about that when we took her for her jabs. Last week though, it started to look a bit red and sore so we wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything to worry about.

Once again, she did not like the car although she was a bit less vocal about it coming  home. The vet reckons it’s nothing serious but may be a blocked tear duct, which is common in kittens, apparently. We have some eye drops for her which she has to have twice daily.

She is not impressed. We’re having to wrap her in a huge towel to keep her still, and then while Stephen steadies her head, I put the drop in. Then she has some cat treats, and that bit she does like. She’s been a bit more clingy since we’ve been doing it. I think she’s looking for reassurance that we don’t actually hate her. Poor little kitty. I wish we could make her understand that we’re torturing her for a reason.

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