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Now she thinks she’s a parrot!


Sammie’s latest trick is to get onto our shoulders. She accomplishes this by either climbing up our legs or launching herself at us from on top of the furniture.


It can be a bit of a shock sometimes when she just lands on you and you’re not expecting it. We’re not complaining though.

Sammie100115-04bIt has proved tricky to get a decent photo as she fidgets quite a bit when up on your shoulders. Either she’s blurred or we’re pulling a funny face.

I think this one wins the award for comedy photo of the week.

Sammie020115-02bOr maybe this one

Sammie020115-01bThose were taken in my craft room where I was attempting to use the sewing machine. I’d banished Sammie from the table in case she pounced on the moving needle so she found a better viewpoint.

Sammie2712-05bI can see this being interesting when she gets bigger…




Author: Carole

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2 thoughts on “Now she thinks she’s a parrot!

  1. lol our cat, Le Bleu, likes the Parrot position too. He used to be able to jump from the floor and land neatly on my shoulders (and I’m 5ft 8″) but after a bad car accident and femoral fracture, he lost his agility and usually jumps as far as waist level, then sticks his claws in my back as he hauls himself up to the perch. He likes to drape himself across my shoulder so I have him nuzzling my ear on one side, and tail twitching in my face from the other side ^^


    • Sammie isn’t quite that agile yet, but I can see her getting there soon. She uses her claws to climb up us too. It’s as if we’re just a couple of mobile cat trees 😛


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