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Precious Dreams


After deciding that I wasn’t getting on with the fabric that I was stitching this on, I tried different stitches and fabric counts until finding that doing tent stitch 2 over 1 onto 28 count fabric gave me the best results and was nicest to stitch.

I sent for a couple of different fabrics to see which looked best with it. It’s hard to tell from looking at them online.

FabricI got an ice blue Brittney and a lovely denim Jobelan. The Brittney was too pale but the Jobelan was perfect. It’s dark enough so it doesn’t show through the stitching but not too dark that it’s hard to stitch the navy threads on. The Brittney will be perfect for another project or three so won’t be wasted. I prefer stitching on 28ct where possible.

The tent stitch is lovely to do. I don’t know why I haven’t tried it before. It’s so much faster so I whizzed through the first couple of columns. I’ve slowed down a bit now as there are more and more colours being introduced.

This is where I’m up to now. Just over 4000 stitches done.

PD-03It’s lovely seeing the bubbles gradually appearing and I’m more than halfway through the first page.

I’ve had my helper sitting with me for some of that.

Sammie170115-02bShe was very good and didn’t attack the threads as they went back and forth. I think she was keeping a close eye on them but was too sleepy to bother with them.




Author: Carole

The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

4 thoughts on “Precious Dreams

  1. oooh this is going to be very stitch intensive! How many pages of chart do you have?


  2. That’s an impressive number of stitches 🙂 And such a cute cat!


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