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I brought some pretty notebooks back from holiday, as I thought they’d be perfect for a couple of friends who have their birthdays this month. They looked as if they needed something nice to put them in and I spotted just the thing in Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

They’re gift bags with lots of different fabrics plus some felt appliqué. I hadn’t made anything like them before, nor had I done appliqué but the instructions looked very clear so I had a go.

I did one with pink flowers on it.

Navybag01bThe lining and ties are in plain navy and the bottom is the fabric left over from the Snowball quilt plus a few other bits.

Navybag03bI was really pleased with how the lining turned out on both bags, but in hindsight, I should have changed the colour of the bobbin thread before stitching around for the ties channel.

Navybag02bThe appliqué went well, considering I hadn’t done any before. I machine stitched the pink version and it’s a little wonky in places but not too bad.

The base of the bags is shaped.

Navybag04bFor the other bag I used turquoise felt for the flowers, and I had the perfect plain turquoise fabric for the lining and ties.

Turquoisebag02bI used the same fabrics for the base.

Turquoisebag03bI did the felt a bit differently. Instead of using the sewing machine, I hand-stitched it in matching thread colours. I’m not sure which method I prefer.

Turquoisebag05bI was really happy with how the channels for the ties turned out. They look much neater than I’d anticipated. Always a bonus.

Turquoisebag04bThe bags look a little creased because the top is made from a lovely linen fabric.

I think my friends both liked their bags, and I learnt how to make something new, so I’m calling this project a success.


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5 thoughts on “Gift bags

  1. waouh thats great !!!! its’ so nice when gifts can be handmade and the wrapping is very important too ! Great job it looks really good !!!!


  2. Lucky friends ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Those looks like lovely bags 🙂


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