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2015 reading challenge link up party – Feb #2

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I’ve come up with a cunning plan to allow me to post for Rachel’s link party for the Ultimate Reading Challenge, when it falls on the same day as the cross stitch SAL post. I don’t want to do two linky posts on the same day and the SAL is every three weeks, the Reading posts are the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month. They’re going to clash a fair bit

Rachel is in New Zealand which is ahead of us by half a day. So, if I post on the Saturday night, that’ll be Sunday morning in NZ, so will be a bit early here, but perfectly timed for Rachel’s post. Crafty, huh?

Right, ramble finished, here’s my reads for the past two weeks.

Total so far  7/52

Read a book from the year that you were born
Trustee from the toolroom by Nevil Shute.

TrusteeToolroomI’ve read a couple of Shute’s books before this one. Most people know him for A town like Alice, which I’ve read and enjoyed, but I much preferred On the beach. I was fairly confident that I’d like this one, and I did. It’s a smashing story and I love the writing style.

I actually had a great choice of books from the year that I was born, but I’d read most of the ones that I’d heard of. There were still a few to pick from though and luckily the library had a copy of this one.

Read a Pulitzer prize-winning book
The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

GoldfinchI’ve been meaning to read this for ages as I loved The secret history. I spotted it on the list of Pulitzer prize-winners and knew straight away that it was the perfect book for this category. It was an excellent read, all 800+ pages of it so I’m glad the challenge gave me a push to finally read it.

Read a book with antonyms in the title
Wild: A journey from lost to found by Cheryl Strayed

No picture for this one as I read it on the Kindle. I’ve seen the film of this advertised quite a lot recently and it looked good. You know me though, I’d rather read the book, so I looked it up on Amazon and downloaded it. If the film is half as good as the book, it’ll be worth watching. Once again I’m glad that the challenge pushed me to read this instead of storing it on my Kindle for a year or two.

That’s all for this update. I’ve got plenty of ideas for what to read for the other categories now. I just need to find the time to read them.

The link-up party is here. It’s not too late to join in if you’d like. The more the merrier.


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