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Feeling sorry for herself


Sammie has been spayed today. I don’t think she was awfully thrilled with the experience, but then, who can blame her.

We had to get her to the vet for 8am, having withheld food since 8pm the night before. She was most indignant about not getting any dry food to go to bed with last night, and seemed very puzzled when despite her repeated, and increasingly more strident meows, no breakfast appeared. We both felt very guilty.

She meowed all the way there as she doesn’t like the car but quieted down once we got there. She had a check-up to make sure she was fit for the operation and the nurse explained what would happen. Then Sammie was taken away and we came home. We felt even more guilty at this point. How do you explain to a cat that you haven’t abandoned her?

Later we had a phone call to say that she was awake and was fine and at 2.30 we went to collect her. She was very quiet with not a peep out of her all the way home. She had on an Elizabethan collar, which she really didn’t like. It’s to stop her from licking the wound, so it’s necessary but I hate to see her in it. She’s walking as if it weighs a ton and doesn’t seem to be able to work out where she’s going, presumably because her whiskers are enclosed in it.

She’s definitely a bit livelier now than she was a few hours ago, and she has had quite a bit to eat since she got home. We opened a tin of best Waitrose tuna for her, to tempt her to eat. She didn’t need much tempting once she got a whiff of it. We don’t usually feed her anything other than cat food so she hasn’t had tuna before. Only problem is that the collar is getting in the way a bit and I have to wipe it out every time she eats, as bits of tuna get stuck inside it.

A few photos of the poor little girl.

Sammie170215b Sammie170215-09bShe’s snuggled down on a quilt that I’ve put on the sofa, next to me. She’s just made another attempt at getting the collar off, by getting one leg inside it.

Sammie170215-01bWe’ve been given some painkillers to use tomorrow, which get added to her food. She goes back in three days for a check-up, and may need to go back in ten days for a final check.

I’ll be glad once the collar can come off and she can get back to her usual self, but until then, we’ll just have to pamper her a little more than usual.


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4 thoughts on “Feeling sorry for herself

  1. Hi Sammie! My name is Princess. I am a Siamese living in California and have been peeking at your blog every time I can get my paws on the iPad. I’m sorry that you have to go through the indignity of wearing that thing. I’m five and still haven’t forgotten what it was like, but it does better pretty quickly. On the plus side, it is really nice knowing that the future is yours and yours alone though. Keep up your spirits, Sammie!


    • Hi Princess, Sammie here. I’ve just snuck onto my mom’s Macbook while she isn’t looking 😛
      Thanks for letting me know that this collar will get less irritating. I keep getting food stuck in it when I eat and have to have it cleaned out. It’s not easy eating with this round my neck, as I’m sure you’ll know.
      I keep getting an itch in my ear too, but my mom scratches it for me when I try to scratch it myself and fail. It’s a great way to get an extra ear scratch or two, actually.
      I am milking it all a bit as I’m getting lots of love and fuss, and they even opened a whole can of super-special human-food tuna for me. That was yummy. I’m plotting to figure out how I can get that again.
      Thanks for the message Princess. Nice to meet you!


  2. yep the plastic collar always makes life a little difficult at first after an op, but I’m sure Sammie will get used to it over the next day or so. You may want to try using a smaller food bowl while she’s wearing the collar or just keep to dried food lol.


    • We’re using a saucer rather than her usual food bowl as she can’t get her nose inside a bowl with the collar on. She’s struggling with water too, so we’ve put down my large oven dish so she can get her whole head in it 😛
      Once I see her drinking ok, she can have some dried food. As you say, it might be less messy.


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