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Sunken Treasures #4


I’ve got a bit more done on this one and have now completed all the stitching on the top half.


The straight section had some interesting bands. Band 8 consists of two rows of backstitch that are then laced with contrasting colours. Band 9 is Satin stitch diamonds and band 10 is eyelets.


The angled section was fun to stitch. there’s cross stitch, upright cross stitch, cross stitch with straight stitch, backstitch to make an arrow design, more backstitch, Cretan stitch, cross stitch with backstitch, and finally in the corner is a quarter eyelet. I love the different effects you can get with just the basic stitches.


I’ve even started to add some of the beads, but I have to do that when Sammie is having a nap upstairs, as there’s just too much potential for disaster there 😉


There are quite a few beads to be added so I need to get cracking with those, but I don’t think it’ll take long to finish the stitching. I’m keen to get this one done now so I can start something else. I’m in the process of completely rearranging and decluttering my craft room at the moment, and I keep finding charts and kits that I want to stitch. I seriously don’t need to buy any more stash for quite a while.


Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “Sunken Treasures #4

  1. Wow, that looks very intense! Awesome work 🙂


  2. I love the tonal color scheme and all the pretty stitches! Beautiful project, and you are doing a great job of stitching it. 🙂


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