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Having a clear out


I thought I’d have a bit of a rearrange in my craft room. There was scrapping stuff all over the place, cross stitch bits scattered here and there, and yarn crammed in several different places. The sewing stuff was shoehorned into one corner and definitely needed more space. Mostly though, I wanted to be able to put my legs under the desk when sewing, which wasn’t possible with all the boxes and bags under there.

Because I was moving pretty much everything, I’ve had to empty the various shelving units so I could see what I’d got, sort it, box it up tidily and put it into its new home. Then I thought that while the units were empty, I might as well pull them out and clean behind them. And inside them and all around them.

I’ve been working in there for about a week now and I think I’m gradually starting to get there.

This is what it looked like after the first couple of days.


Then I started pulling units away from the walls to get behind them.


I had to pile all the contents of the units on and around the desk at the top end, as the other desks were covered with stuff that still needed sorting or that is going to be evicted.


I’ve just got the largest unit still to empty and clean and then I should be able to get that one filled up again and tackle the stuff underneath the desks.

I’ll post some more photos once it’s done, which hopefully will be soon as at the moment I can’t do any crafting in there at all.


Author: Carole

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5 thoughts on “Having a clear out

  1. I’m doing the exact same thing with my sewing room.


  2. Oh wow, I love your crafting room- it looks so cozy! Can’t wait to see it all tidied up 🙂


    • I can’t wait for that either 😛

      I’m at the stage of sorting out all the scrapbooking stuff now, and trying to cram it all into one unit, but tidily so I can access it all easily. It could take some time.


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