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The cat in the mirror

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Every now and then, she spots her reflection in the mirror. Sometimes she does the sideways thing where her tail goes all bushy and her back goes up. Then she gets all indignant when I laugh at her.

Sometimes though she investigates. She runs out of the room and into the room behind to see if the strange cat is in there. Then she tries to get in the wardrobes in case it’s in there. She can’t quite figure out how to get to it, but she has a very good try.


It keeps her amused for ages. She even abandoned her beloved green mouse for it a couple of times.

I was holding her the other day, and she was looking at our reflections in the mirror. She was staring at my reflection when I spoke to her. She froze for a second and then turned to look at me. It was so funny, as when she saw me, she did a sort of double-take as if she couldn’t cope with me being there and in the mirror too.

It’s the little things…



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