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The clear out is finished


My craft room is now clean, tidy, and organised. I am so looking forward to getting in here and getting it messy again with lots of crafting.

This is the side of the room where most of the storage is.

CraftRoom07The largest set of cupboards contain pretty much all of my scrapping stash and equipment. I didn’t quite get it all in though. Most of the cardstock has had to go under the desk that I’ll be scrapping on. At least it’ll be handy there.

I’ve disposed of the cardboard boxes that most things were hidden in and have bought clear plastic boxes, in various sizes, mostly from Poundstretcher. I can now see what stash I have, so hopefully it’ll get used now.

CraftRoom11That one cardboard box at the bottom holds all my Basic Grey papers with dividers to keep it tidy. As it’s the best shape of storage for card, I didn’t replace it. There are two more like it under the desk, but that’s just plain card. All the fancy stuff and papers are on that bottom shelf and on the third shelf up with the chipboard. I have so much chipboard, that it’d take me a lifetime to use.

This is the other side of the room with my scrapping desk in the foreground, and the sewing area at the back. The scrapping desk is Sammie’s favourite spot when I’m in here so that may be a problem once I want to use it.

CraftRoom08A closer look at the sewing area, which now has new drawer units on the desktop to hold most of my fabric stash.

CraftRoom10I can now get my knees under the desk so that’ll make life a lot easier.

I’ve sorted out the four large storage boxes under there and now have all my yarn stash, plus other crocheting stuff, in one box. The others hold batting, cushion inners, more fabric plus other more bulky items.

CraftRoom13Sammie seems quite impressed with that lovely clean floor. I’ve been on my hands and knees and have scrubbed every inch of it. I also cleaned the castors on all three chairs so the floor doesn’t get dirty again the moment I start rolling around the room.

I had a bit of a tidyΒ of the photos and they’re now all in matching boxes and not all different tins, boxes and bags. All except for one box on the shelf with the photo albums, as I forgot to do that one. I can do that later though as the photos have only been roughly sorted and need a better going through, once I have a couple of weeks to spare.

CraftRoom12All the scrapbook albums are tidy and in order now and I found space beneath them for current projects in scrapping, crocheting and cross stitch. I’m pleased with that. All the magazines and books are tidy now too, with space allowed for future issues of the two mags that I subscribe to. I’ve stored the dye-sub printer under the mags until I’ve used up all the cartridges and then I’ll have to scrap it as it’s now obsolete.

This is a view down to theΒ other end of the room, where I keep paperwork etc.

CraftRoom09The wall cupboards over the desk have been emptied, like the other units, and now I have stationery in one and all the stamping and painting stuff in the other.

This has taken me weeks and has involved pulling all the units out and cleaning behind them. I’ve cleaned inside the units, and out. Every bit of the room is now clean and tidy. I don’t think it’s looked this good since the day I moved into it.

It won’t stay this nice though. I’ve got the urge to play with my scrapping stashΒ πŸ™‚




Author: Carole

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20 thoughts on “The clear out is finished

  1. It looks wonderful Carole – must be very satisfying to have all that sorting done.


  2. What a magnificent crafting room. I am so jealous as all of my craft supplies are stored wherever I can find room in my house. However, now that my daughter has moved out and is on her own maybe I don’t actually need that guest room….?


  3. OK, you’ve had five days to mess it up. What does it look like now I wonder LOL. What a fab space to play in πŸ™‚


  4. Wow Carole, what a great space! You’re very organised!. Gorgeous cat too!


    • Even more organised now. I’ve been putting labels on the various boxes today so it’ll be even easier to find stuff πŸ˜€

      And yes, she is gorgeous. Mischievous, but adorable with it πŸ™‚


  5. Nice. Great clean up and sorting work. Time to get busy in there again. πŸ˜‰


  6. Looks ace (mind, it always did)….love the four big boxes that keep your fabric etc stash away from certain wee paws & claws.


  7. Ooh, I have craft room envy! What a fabulous space!


  8. nothing like a tidy room to make you want to get crafty and make a mess ^^


  9. I am SOOOO jealous. Looks amazing!


  10. Wow! I love your crafting area- so bright and spacious! And so much stash! And so clean! (Also, cute cat!)


    • Thanks. When we were renovating a few years ago, I claimed this room for myself and it was the first one to be finished. Gotta get your priorities right, eh? The stash has been accumulated over many, many years. I enjoyed finding stash that I’d forgotten about.
      And yes, she is cute, and also very nosy πŸ˜›


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