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A few Vancouver layouts


I have been playing with scrapbooking again! Hooray! It’s all down to the craft room clean-up, as I kept seeing stash that I loved and it made me want to play with it again.

While I was re-organising everything, I went through all the scrapbook albums as there were some layouts that needed to be filed. I had a flick through the album that I started last year, when I was attempting to get back into scrapping. That was a themed album of our Vancouver-Alaska-Canadian Rockies trip and I’d used a 6 x 12 album for it.

I’d only done a few layouts for it and then lost interest. It wasn’t working. I had so many photos that I wanted to use and the pages just weren’t big enough. I wasn’t enjoying it so didn’t continue. After looking at what I’d done so far, I made the decision to redo those layouts on 12 x 12.

The links to the Vancouver 6 x 12 layouts are here, here and here, so you can see that they just don’t work. I hadn’t done any theming other than using the same dies to cut out the journalling. The paper was a mis-mash and it all looked a mess.

I’ve now done all the Vancouver layouts again and this time, I tied the pages together a bit more. I’ve used the same die sets for the journalling blocks, but also used the same range of paper – Basic Grey’s Mellow. I also used various shades of brown cardstock for the backgrounds and used the same alpha dies for any titles. I’ve enjoyed scrapping these a lot more. They’re still fairly plain and simple but I was able to have a bit more fun with them.

For some of the layouts I’ve used some old page protectors that I found buried under some other stash. They’re the fold-out type so if you notice a tag saying Open the flap, it’s because I’ve used one of those. I’m also trying to incorporate some of the bits and bobs that we brought back with us, such as tickets or leaflets.

There are a lot of photos so I’ve made them into a gallery. Just click on one to see it full size.

I’d also done about four of the Alaskan Cruise layouts for the 6 x 12 album and will make a start on redoing those next. I’m thinking I’ll use shades of blue cardstock for the backgrounds, a different range of patterned papers and maybe a different alpha die for the titles. I’ll use the same die sets for the journalling blocks though. When I eventually get to the photos from our jaunt over the Rockies, I’ll probably change it up again. It’ll separate the different stages of our adventure nicely.

Hopefully it won’t be years before the next update 🙂


Author: Carole

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8 thoughts on “A few Vancouver layouts

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  3. Isn’t it lovely when you rediscover things and can have fun with them again. Lovely, lovely layouts 😀


  4. I have done scrap booking and loved it, but decided to stick with sewing.


  5. Yay for getting crafty again! 🙂

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