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Introducing Frodo


For years and years I’ve wanted a Maine Coon and in seven weeks I will have one. We always intended to have two cats and I’ve been looking for cat #2 for a few months. I heard that Cancoonz were expecting a litter so stalked their FaceBook page to see news and photos of the kittens. Earlier today, we went to view them and this little beauty picked me as his next slave. Frodo-01It was quite hard to get a good photo of him as he’s a lively little chap. Vicki at Cancoonz is going to send me photos while I’m waiting for him to get to 12 weeks so I can bring him home. He’s only five weeks old at the moment. Frodo-02His mom is gorgeous. Her name is Chilli and she’s a red silver tabby. Frodo is a red tabby. He is so gorgeous! I hope Sammie likes her little brother.


Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “Introducing Frodo

  1. be prepared for heckles and hissing lol. Mind you, Sammie is a she, so maybe Frodo will bring out her maternal instinct


  2. you’re in for fun and games when Frodo meets Sammie


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