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The Great Escape – framed


I had a trawl through a load of charity shops with my friend Jackie a few days ago. I was looking mainly for picture frames and managed to find five that would do. It only cost me £3.49 for the lot. Bargain.

I’ve used one already so I now have one of the finished pieces of embroidery on the wall. Result!

First I stripped the frame down, getting rid of the glass and metal tabs.

TGEframed-06I used the existing backing to measure out a new piece of mount board and cut some grip-strip to size.

TGEframed-05Once the grip-strip was on, I stretched the fabric round it. It’s a bit fiddly, but isn’t difficult and only took about ten minutes to get it exactly how I wanted.

TGEframed-04Next I got out my trusty tab gun and fastened the embroidery into the frame.

TGEframed-03All that was left to do then was pop some kraft paper on the back, and seal it with picture-framing tape. Then screw in a couple of eyelets to fasten the wire to.

TGEframed-02A couple of minutes later, it was on the wall.

TGEframed-01From start to finish that took about 30 minutes and it looks great. It took me so long to do that particular piece of embroidery and it’s just been sitting in a drawer until now. Hopefully I’ll get some more of the stitched pieces out of the box now that I’ve made a start.


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19 thoughts on “The Great Escape – framed

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  2. Absolutely superb, you made such a wonderful job of this piece and it looks great in the frame 😀


  3. Final outcome looks great. I’ve never seen those grip strips before. Looks like it will save time over the lacing method.


  4. Fancy leaving him in the drawer! How could you? I love this design and fab stitching too 🙂


  5. I’ve never heard of grip stitch before. I must remember that. It looks lovely. The frame was a great find.


  6. This is so neat! I’ve never seen grip strips!


  7. Oh wow, very quick and easy! I’m loving that grip-strip- much easier than lacing the back!


  8. well done! it’s not easy to find square frames, and this one is perfect


    • Thanks. I think I may need another charity shop trawl to see if I can find any more in another area. Hopefully I’ll find another square one as I have another project that needs one.


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