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Sammie, or Destructo-cat as she’s now known, likes climbing up the curtains. I’m not that bothered by it as we only have curtains in the bedrooms, and they’re cheap and ugly. They were bought to be functional as although the blinds do the job in the rest of the house, with all the security lights round here plus a street lamp right outside, curtains with blackout linings were rather necessary.

So, I’m not bothered about a few pulls in the fabric where Sammie has been climbing. Also, trying to stop a cat from doing this is rather tricky. What I didn’t expect was for this to happen.

curtainSammie took a flying leap at the curtain and was halfway up it when it all came tumbling down. The curtain, the  pole and the wall fittings all ended up in a heap, along with the cat. Sammie was quite put out by this and I was a bit startled myself as I was just about to go to sleep. All I could do was laugh though, once I’d made sure that Miss Destructo was ok. She’s a little monkey 🙂

Looks like Stephen is going to be busy later today, not only putting the pole back up, but also checking the other fittings to make sure they’re not about to come down.

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