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The greenhouse


We’ve been plodding on in the garden since I last posted about it. We’re definitely making progress now and I think we can safely call it a garden again, instead of the Back Jungle.

Remember this?

070314-07 070314-08The greenhouse was barely accessible, and was full of junk. Stephen had been storing all sorts in there, including some of what came out of the loft when we had to clear that. You couldn’t get in there for flooring, sheets of chipboard, assorted timber, plus all the staging and dead plants from when I abandoned it about ten years ago.

We managed to get it empty and then cleaned it inside and out. I cleaned all the staging on the patio and then we put it back in. I’m gradually working my way through all the pots, trays and other bits and bobs, as they all need cleaning and sterilising.

This is where we’re up to now.

greenhouse-01 greenhouse-02I’m hoping to start getting some seeds in next, and we bought some strawberry plants which will go in those red pots that I’ve just cleaned.

We just need to get a crack on over the other side of the garden so we’ve got somewhere to plant all the veggies that I’m hoping to grow.


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10 thoughts on “The greenhouse

  1. It’s looking great. Sadly, my garden has been neglected for the past couple of years. Life got in the way 😦 We are starting to tidy up again now that spring is here 🙂


    • We had pretty much the same problem, and once the garden gets a bit overgrown, it’s easier to just ignore it. I’m chuffed to bits with how it’s looking now though, although there’s still loads to do.


  2. It looks absolutely smashing – you’re going to have some fun in there this year 😀


  3. oh wow, you have been brave & busy!


  4. Much nicer all cleaned up! Have fun getting down and dirty again 🙂

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