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Miss Peepers – finished


It’s another finish. I’m on a roll, methinks 🙂

MissPeepers-03I love this one. It was so quick to do and a lovely stitch. I did have a slight mishap though. I’d finished it, or thought I had, and had it on the ironing board to give it a press. That’s when I noticed that she didn’t have any feet. I’d managed to miss them, so had to sort out the pattern and threads, which I’d already put away, and pop it back in the frame to stitch it.

Good job I noticed though 🙂

I also had an issue when trying to take a photo of it. I usually put things on my desk, right in front of the window as I think they photograph better in the natural light. Sammie likes that window. She can sit on the desk, or the sill and watch the birds and squirrels on the feeders that we’ve put just outside that window. She could see something while I was trying to get a photo of Miss Peepers and kept swiping her tail back and forth.

Most of the photos looked like this.


I had to wait until she’d finished before getting a decent shot without a tail in it.


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12 thoughts on “Miss Peepers – finished

  1. well done on your happy dance with Miss Peepers ^^


  2. Great picture of Springtime -)


  3. I love the glasses and I am glad that I’m not the only person with photos like the second I one! I feared that I was the only person with a feline family member who takes over anything I want to use. : )


  4. Cute! Miss Peepers, I mean. And Sammie too.


  5. Well done for finishing it 🙂 I think her tail makes an excellent addition to the photo 🙂

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