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African Sampler


I’m going to start another new project. It’s a chart that I bought last year when I fell in love with it on Etsy. I really must stay off there. There is so much crafty stuff to look at and buy.

I shouldn’t really have pulled this one out to start though. I have about two dozen kits or kitted-up charts in my To Be Stitched box, but none of them were calling to me loudly enough. This one was, but of course I didn’t have it kitted up. I borrowed some of the threads from other projects, and had some in my stash too, but I still had to order five of them. Plus the fabric. I had three that might have done, but wasn’t completely happy with any of them so ordered a different one to see what that looked like. Now, of course, I can’t decide which one to use. Sigh.


This is the design that I’ll be stitching. It’s an African sampler by Hanne’s Needlecraft.

African Sampler-02Isn’t it fabulous?! It reminds me of Animal Kingdom and AK Lodge at Disney World. I think it’ll look brilliant on the wall alongside the prints of the Lodge that we brought back.

This is the choices of fabric, with the threads laid on them. It’s interestingย how different the thread colours look on the different fabric colours.

Ice Blue – I like how intense the bright colours look on this, but worry that the grey shades will get lost.

IceBlueKhaki – I like the brights on this one too, but think the green-grey tones don’t look so good.

KhakiVintage blue – Probably my least favourite of the four, but after staring at them all for so long, I’m doubting my own judgement.


Cream – I like that most of the colours will show up on this, but I’m not sure if the brights look as intense.

CreamSo, what do you think? Any thoughts or opinions? I need help to decide as otherwise I’ll be dithering over it for months and I’d really like to crack on with it.


Author: Carole

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15 thoughts on “African Sampler

  1. Khaki for first choice, Ice Blue for second choice. I’m sure they’ll be lovely, but I understand about some of the colours getting lost in it. That’s what’s happening with me on my Santa. Some of the greens are very close to the fabric colour, but once I stitched the other colours around it, it looked decent.


    • Good to know that the colours worked ok on your Santa. It’s hard to choose, especially given that we spend hours and hours stitching. The last thing you want is for the fabric to look wrong once you’ve finished.


  2. I like the khaki…makes me think of safari clothes lol


  3. I like the vintage blue the best but I have a tendency to be over exuberant with my colors. love the pattern!


  4. I really like the ice blue and the khaki. Cream would be nice too. I agree the vintage blue is my least favorite. Have fun!!


  5. cream will probably give you a closer result to the cover photo, but I like the khaki as well ^^


  6. Hi Carole – I like either the cream or the khaki best… Nice chart, I will look forward to seeing you stitch it! ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. I think the bottom one is the best- agreed that the brights don’t look as bright, but it’s not very much, and you can really see the greys in it ๐Ÿ™‚


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