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Arm chair caddy – epic fail


I’ve had an idea in my head for ages. I wanted to make something so Stephen could put the remote controls, his glasses, pens and the TV magazine all in one place so they weren’t cluttering the place up so much. I thought I could make a sort of caddy to fit over the arm of the sofa so they’d be handy for him.

Everything had to fit on the outside of the sofa arm, as the arms are not very high. I needed to find a way to stop it all falling off as nothing can be tucked under the sofa cushion, as they’re firmly attached to the sofa, as it’s a recliner/foot rest type. (very comfy)

I thought I’d done it. It took me a couple of days to make, after working it out on paper. It was fiddly, and it’s not finished brilliantly if you look at the back, but it holds everything it needs to.


The remotes fit nicely, as do his glasses and pens. There’s room for his phone too.


And there’s a separate pocket for his magazines.


It all sits nicely and seemed quite firmly anchored. I’d tucked it down the side of the cushion as far as it would go.

Then I sat down to test how easy it was to take things out and that was when it all went wrong. As soon as I put weight on the cushion, the caddy started sliding off. I cannot see any way to anchor it any better so I guess I’ll just have to put up with his stuff being scattered all over the sofa and table.

It won’t go to waste though. As I sit on the sofa facing him, it’ll fit on the arm next to me, but on the inside. I can use it for my scissors and charts and it won’t matter that I don’t have the full depth of it due to the low arm.

Not what I’d Β planned but it was fun to make and good practise at making something up as I go along.



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14 thoughts on “Arm chair caddy – epic fail

  1. Is there any wait that you could use curtain weights (they are very slim & heavy, but not too heavy) to be a counter balance. Looks really great. Hope you are able to figure it out.


  2. This is cute. Too bad it didn’t work out the way you would have liked. I’m sure you’ll figure something out.


  3. This is so cute! What if you added a longer piece of fabric on the side that is on the inside of the arm so it could tuck down and then go under the cushion? Then sitting on the cushion would actually hold it down. Or if you had to put velcro, you could put it on the part of the sofa under the cushion so it would be hidden away.


    • I’d have done that on a normal sofa, but on this one, the seat cushion is an integral part of it. The cushion does not come out and there is no gap to allow anything to tuck under it from the side.
      I think the velco will be out of sight as long as I get it as far down the side as I can. I hope it will be anyway as the sofa is leather so I’ll be using double-sided tape to attach it πŸ˜›

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  4. it was an excellent idea, a shame it slips around. Back to the drawing board ^^


  5. Velcro would work. Or the counterweight like in the thread catcher I posted a How to last year


  6. It looks great. How about several nappy pins quite close together to distribute the weight evenly?


  7. Such a shame it didn’t work as it looked like a good design. How about weighting it down on the inside – could you sew some stones inside it as a kind of counter balance?


    • I did think of that, but with his two magazines plus the remotes, it’s quite heavy. I am thinking of sticking some velco to the sofa, where it’s hidden by the cushion and using that to anchor it. We’ve had the sofas for about six or seven years now so I’m not quite so opposed to defacing them πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for the suggestion πŸ™‚

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