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McLaren & Hamilton – cross stitch


This is the scheduled three-weekly post for the SAL that I’m doing with several other crafty blogs.

Having finished the Flower Sampler Book for the last update (Hooray!), I needed to find a new project for the SAL. I do have one that would be perfect but I’m trying not to start any more new projects until I’ve got that WIP box down a bit.

So, I had a rummage through the box to see which one I could tackle next. I pulled out a Winnie the Pooh calendar that has sat in there for a few years and spent a couple of hours stitching on it. Then I put it back in the box, where it will probably stay for a good while longer. It’s on aida and has fractional stitches. How I wish I’d swapped the kit fabric out for some nice evenweave. That aida was vile to stitch on.

Next out of the box was one by Stitchtastic that depicts Lewis Hamilton sitting in his McLaren. Yes, it’s another old one, and it feels odd stitching it now that he’s driving a Mercedes. I have done a fair bit of stitching on it though and am determined to finish it. Happily I did swap the kit fabric for something nicer to stitch on so no vile aida to contend with this time.

This is where I left it two years ago.

Hamilton290313And, this is what it looks like now.

Hamilton170315-01That’s page three completely finished now, with just page four to go.

This is the section that I’ve just finished off.

Hamilton170315-02Once you get the confetti done, the tyres aren’t too bad to stitch as you get chunks of one colour. They extend a fair way down into page four, so hopefully that won’t take me too long. A couple more updates, possibly? Fingers crossed.

For the stitch-a-long I’m linking up to these lovely blogs:

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Do pop over and have a look at their beautiful creations.

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21 thoughts on “McLaren & Hamilton – cross stitch

  1. I love F1 this is amazing. But I totally would have done button instead :p

    I’ve nominated you for the leibster award. You can see the post on my blog.


  2. I’m just posting this as I watch the pre-race intros before today’s Bahrain Grand Prix! You’ve certainly managed to do quite lot – well done!
    Alison x


  3. i like F1 but rarely get time to watch these days. It looks like a fun project to finish. I usually only have one project of each discipline on the go at any one time. That means there’s still lots of choice to keep me busy. However, at the moment I have two cross stitch projects and it doesn’t feel right at all 🙂


    • I find it’s very good to watch while stitching, apart from when it gets really exciting 🙂

      Some of my friends on the Cross Stitch Forum have a dozen or more on the go at once. I couldn’t do that but I do like to be able to have a choice of what to stitch on any given day, and I have it set up so it’s easy to swap between them.


  4. My trouble is less finishing off than actually starting, especially if it’s a large piece. Once I’ve finished the current one, I’ll have no excuse not to start the big ANZAC ccs piece I promised the Husband about a year ago. It’d be nice if I could at least start it in this 100th year anniversary of the Gallipoli landings, even if I have no hope of finishing it!


    • This is why I like to have two or three on the go. If one is large and daunting, I can give it a bit of attention and then move on to something smaller, prettier or generally more appealing. That way, I get finished pieces and don’t get bored of the larger project.
      I really can’t wait to see your ANZAC piece so I hope you do manage to get a start on it soon 🙂


      • I reckon I’ll have Kowhaiwhai finished in about three more SALs, and then I’ll have no excuse, so you will get to see it! Of course, I’m giving most of my attention to the WWF quilt just now, but once that and one more are done, I can relax a little and look at other activities a bit more.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I love this one! 🙂


  6. All my embroideries are UFO:s, from a time when I thought embroidery was the only interesting thing to do 🙂


  7. Wow, you got a lot done there!


  8. Looking good, during out big ‘clear out’ in the back bed room I found so many UFO’s I will have enough to keep me going for the next 10 years.


  9. oh yes! a great idea to pick up an unfinished project and finish it off


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