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More garden than jungle


I think we’ve got to the point now where I should stop calling the garden the Back Jungle. We’ve made masses of progress and can now see definite results.

As a reminder, this is what it looked like as you walked out of the back door. There was a large area like this with a pond in the centre that was also completely overgrown.

070314-06Last year I worked hard at cutting down all the brambles and we got it to the point where it was still in need of a lot of work, but wasn’t completely overgrown.

Since then, while we’ve concentrated on the other side of the garden, the brambles and other weeds grew back a bit so for the last couple of weeks we’ve attacked them, and filled in the pond.

Yesterday we got it pretty much done. Yes there are still a lot of roots in there and we know those flipping’ brambles will keep coming back, but for now we’re happy with how it’s looking.

garden2-210415The last time it looked like that was just before I dug the massive hole for the pond. I was many years younger then and a lot fitter.

It looks a lot bigger than it appears in the photo, especially when you’re standing in the middle of it with a fork. I’ve also cleared all the weeds off the one patio area and the herbs are back in the spot they had last year, with the stand ready for the pots of strawberries to hang on.

garden210415One of our next jobs is to put in a couple of raised beds and hopefully we’ll be growing a few veggies in them this year.


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6 thoughts on “More garden than jungle

  1. oh my! you have been busy. Definitely a jungle no more. Well done. You’ll be able to sit out there this summer sipping long cool drinks and stitching ^^


  2. Wow, that’s looking great chuck.


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